DIY SEO Tip: Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for SEO

Asking for the perfect domain name is a bit like asking for the perfect stock. Sure, there will be some stocks that outperform the market. There will be the occasional diamond in the rough that’s destined for greatness. But unless you’re acquiring your information illegally, you can never really be sure about what is the best way to go about getting money in the future. It’s tough out there.

So it is with domain names – even if you find a great one, it’s no guarantee of future success. But you can still do a lot of good for yourself by picking a domain name that will last you a lifetime. Let’s take a look at some ways you can pick the perfect domain name to optimize your search engine placement and place your site on the fast-track to success.

Simplicity: Love It

One of the key things to remember about SEO is that more words does not necessarily a great domain make. Sure, you might be able to corner this niche or that niche by using the exact keywords you’re targeting, but is that really what you’re after? Do you really want to be known as the guy who runs No; those aren’t the cool brands we’re interested in. Instead, we flock to simplicity.

So our advice on simplicity is simple: love it. Sure, fit a keyword in there if you can. Heck, fit two. But if you really want good SEO, remember that you should always be easy to link to. If you can find a balance between the simplest domain and the most keyword-rich one, you know you’re on the right track.

Do Your Research

One reason you shouldn’t look to “keyword-stuff” your domain name unless you know what you’re doing is that you might end up with an embarrassment on your hands. You don’t want to look like the goof who picked all the wrong keywords for his domain. Instead, you should be absolutely certain about the keywords you do want in your domain name – if you want any at all. And this will take time, effort, and of course, research.

Research your market and find the keywords that are under-utilized. Pick a domain name that is a bit challenging to place for, but not so challenging that it’s out of your league. You don’t want to master a worthless market after a day because no one else is dumb enough to compete in that same market.

Be Memorable

Finally, it’s important that people remember you. People remember Twitter. They remember Facebook. Those are great domain names because they don’t only create strong brand recognition. They’re just, well, easy to remember. “Facebook” is really what Facebook is – a book of Faces. And Twitter – well, somehow it fits. Be the person with the unique, memorable domain name.

What about SEO? Well, there’s no reason you can’t make a keyword combination memorable. Just be sure that you don’t come across as cheesy as “” There’s a balance to be struck. Find that balance.

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