Effective Ways to Boost Your Social Media Events Online


Businesses and companies of all sizes and types already began working with social media events and including them in their marketing strategy. The reasons for this are clear and very understandable — events hosted on social media websites represent a chance to create engagement along with promotion of a business. At the same time, like other elements of online marketing, they offer a simple and affordable way to get started.


This is why small and medium-sized companies have a great chance of reaching their users and customers by using social media events and building their base.

These events, which may come in the form of Google Hangouts, live streaming sessions, Twitter chats or be hosted on any other social network, present an irresistible opportunity. But, at the same time, creating an unforgettable social event media is not something that can be achieved without any effort.

For this to happen, a company needs to put in some work into an event that will bring activate the full potential of this online marketing opportunity. Here are the most important and effective ways how anyone can boost their social media event.

Employ Google Hangouts Group Sessions

Whatever your business might be, know that your customers want to provide you with feedback on your services or products. Using Hangouts Group Sessions as a means of creating public focus groups will add a layer of transparency to your business and this is always welcomed. At the same time, these focus groups will provide valuable information that can be used to further enhance your services.

This mixture of online marketing and market research is something that was unavailable before social media events were created. Best of all, the entire system of Google+ Hangouts is completely free.

Organize Virtual Launches

Unlike a physical event that is being recorded or streamed online, a virtual launch is an event that is actually taking place online. Using Facebook for this purpose is an ideal way of boosting your social media presence on this crucial network. Instead of allowing Facebook to suppress and filter out your status updates, a virtual launch will be a fabulously way to support your company’s new offer or product.

The same option is easily available under the Facebook’s Events feature. This way, your audience will have a big social media event to look forward to and Facebook will make sure they are reminded about it via notifications, free of filters that usually degrade the reach of your regular statuses and posts.

Call to the Community

A social media event can be supported in the best way by ordinary social media users themselves. Do not be tempted to downplay your future event. Instead, ask your followers to support it and many will answer this call. With their support and commitment, the same event has a chance of becoming something extraordinary.

Key to Success

While organizing social media events, just like the entire field of online marketing, there are only two crucial elements needed for success — first one is dedication while the second one is patience. If your first event on social media is not a stunning triumph you were hoping for, do not be disheartened.

Instead, perceive every situation as a possibility to learn more about this field of marketing and make your subsequent events a bit better. As the process continues, so will your experience and knowledge regarding this area continue to grow.

This way, you will gradually come to a point where your company can regularly host social media event that will be eagerly anticipated by a huge number of people.

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