Marketing Meetings : Take it to the Next Level

Marketing Meetings

Every day, technology is changing the way we do our jobs and perform our roles. So it has become second nature to use the likes of a web conference to facilitate marketing meetings with colleagues and clients around the world; to communicate face to face online and share documents in real time, to download podcasts, respond to blogs and scan social channels.

Marketing Meetings

As the pressures of financial chaos continue to affect the business world, companies increasingly need to use these types of technology to effectively deliver value and new ideas during marketing meetings.

To ensure a presentation is memorable and provides the value that will make your business a recognisable force within your industry, it’s important to make the pitch both educational and inspirational by ensuring it contains noteworthy content that really grabs the viewer’s attention.

Content is king

For truly astounding content, it’s vital to research the guests to whom you are presenting. Provide exclusive information and assets specifically for your participants, making sure they can’t get a product or service better elsewhere. Display originality, show your research and provide examples.

When planning a meeting online, it’s important to know how to use all of the additional features like sharing documents, using the interactive whiteboard and instant messaging, and provide these features’ instructions to your audience beforehand will ensure they can interact seamlessly during the event. A great meeting is one that makes effective use of the allocated time and provides a presentation which captures the audience.

With a little help from your friends

A presentation can be lifted to the next level by engaging an additional guest speaker, such as a client or supplier, who is willing to offer a real time testimonial. The supplementary opinion of an existing client or the knowledge of an associated partner can produce a wider and varied viewpoint and provide an enhanced experience for the attendee.

The beauty of technology these days is that guest speakers do not even have to be next to you to provide their opinion. By holding your presentation online, it not only ensures maximum comfort for your attendees and the ability for them to use their own technology, but it cuts the cost of bringing everyone into one space. So you can invite anyone from anywhere and ensure the right people hear what you have to say.

Get interactive

The very best presentations aren’t the ones where people talk at you for a designated time; rather it’s the ones where highly engaged participants are given the opportunity to engage in discussion and come to their own conclusions, guided by your expertise and examples.

Give participants a place to satisfy their need to discuss – gone are the days where you have to wait until the end to ask questions. Providing an open dialogue, such as instant messaging, to share ideas will help you gain a better understanding within the group. This offers significant benefits by enabling you to tailor the tone specifically to those in attendance.

There are infinite advantages of using a web conference for marketing meetings; by making use of the in-built functionality like chats, online polls and other such interactive elements, it helps transform attendees to participants and makes for a truly successful experience for all.

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