Top Tips for Getting Back in Shape

Getting back in shape

Getting back in shape after not really exercising, or at least not at a particularly vigorous level, can seem very difficult for many people. While it’s best to simply avoid those lapses in our exercise routines, sometimes they happen, and that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get back to keeping your body healthy and fit.

Getting back in shape

When you’re ready to start working out again, use these top tips to make it easier on yourself and help you get back in shape the right way.

Know Your Goal

Before you start exercising again, making some sort of plan regarding what you want to achieve is something that you absolutely need to do. Perhaps you want to lose five-pounds, or maybe you want to get in shape to run a half-marathon. No matter what your goal is, it’s important to actually outline the fact that you have one. Your goal will dictate your exercise plan and exactly what you need to be doing to get there.

If your goal has a target date – running that half marathon, for example – make sure you plan your training and exercise routine around that.

Make a Cardio Plan

Cardiovascular exercise is an essential part of getting in shape, and it may be the most difficult part after you’ve stopped for a while. However, it isn’t impossible to feel your cardiovascular health improve again.

For many people, the best type of initial cardiovascular exercise after a long period of not working out is simply walking at a moderate to fast pace for about 30 minutes. As you regain some of your fitness, you’ll be able to begin jogging or even running and monitoring your progress through a heart rate monitor, like one you can get if you visit A quality heart rate monitor will help you track your conditioning and even how many calories you’re burning over time.

Talk to Your Doctor

Regular moderate intensity exercise of at least 30 minutes per day – even if you only exercise for an hour three times per week – is important for your health. However, if you’ve had health problems or injuries in the recent past, you’ll want to talk to your doctor before you begin any new fitness program.

You’ll want to ask your doctor if you’re ready for regular physical activity. If you have specific health problems or injuries, they may be able to recommend a plan that’s ideal for you.

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