Top 3 Ways to run Android apps on Windows

android app on windows

Android apps are becoming increasingly popular and their open source nature means that new content is available almost daily. Many of these apps would be great for use on PC, and with these 3 easy options users are now able to run android apps directly from their machines.

android app on windows


Bluestacks allows android users to run apps and games directly from their PC. By default all apps and games are opened in full screen and run at their optimum, however they can also be minimised if preferred.

Users simply need to download Bluestacks and then search for a preferred app and install it locally. The only requirement is a Google account, as this allows users the ability to download apps from the Google PlayStore.

Official android emulator

This emulator allows users to install the android operating system on their PC and play games, make use of other apps or enjoy other services on offer. Users can try out the latest version of the emulator or switch to the older versions if their PC is not compatible, and the only requirement is that your machine must run Java.

The official android emulator allows you to play games at sites like, download tools or use any of the apps you have become accustomed to on your smart phone or tablet.

Virtual Box

This is perhaps the more complex of the 3 but once installed, Virtual Box offers a seamless android experience. Users must first install Virtual Box on their PC and then install the android OS. Virtual Box facilitates the use of android and allows you to experiment with the latest features of the OS and install games and other apps that you would previously only have had access to on your android-specific device.

All 3 of these methods are compatible with machines running Windows and although Bluestacks and Official Android Emulator may sound like the easier options, Virtual Box has its benefits and can be used for running other software in a virtual environment.

It’s no longer impossible to enjoy all your favorite apps on your PC, and in a matter of minutes you can be up and running, experiencing a big-screen version of your favorite android features. These programs are becoming more sought after, and users are increasingly running android apps in Windows in an effort to get the best of both worlds.

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