6 Accessories to Improve your iPhone Gaming Experience

iPhone gaming is extremely fun and convenient. Not only are there quite a large number of games that are available through the Apple store, but many of the come at no cost to you to play. The iPhone offers a great device utilizing the powerful iOS, and the new iPhone 5 even provides you with an additional 2” of screen in order to maximize your gaming experience.

While the iPhone gaming experience is already quite impressive that does not mean that there is not room for improvement. Below is a list of 6 accessories that you can purchase in order to maximize your iPhone gaming experience.

1. iCade 8-Bitty


The iCade was created in order to help create that retro gaming cabinet feel when you are gaming on your iPad. The iCade was so popular that the iCade 8-Bitty was created. The iCade 8-Bitty is a retro style remote control that you can link to your iPhone via the Bluetooth. It looks a lot like the old school remotes that were created for the NES and the Atari.

2. Fling Mini


The Fling Mini is a great accessory for your iPhone. It is easy to install. You simply attach it to your phone and you have a joystick ready for use in order to optimize your gaming. It can be used as a remote for your iPhone, or it can be use to change your iPhone into a remote in order to game on your iPad screen. The $25 purchase is pretty light on your wallet which makes it an attractive purchase.

3. Zagg Caliber Advantage


The Zagg Caliber Advantage is one of the more enticing accessories that is available for your iPhone. It actually expands your iPhone to add-on gaming controls. The controls come in a little square that you simply slide apart and insert your phone between them. This will allow you to have your full screen for gaming as well as the remotes to enjoy easier game play. The price is a little steep compared to the Fling, but the $70 price is well worth the purchase if you are an avid gamer.

4. Jawbone Jambox


This accessory offers little to your actual game play, but does wonders for your game play experience. It helps to enhance the often muffled sounds that come from your iPhone when gaming. This helps to make it seem more like a gaming console experience instead of just a mobile gaming experience. The question is if the $200 investment is worth it to you.

5. Mophie Battery Packs


The nice thing about having an iPhone is the nice slender look. No want wants to bulk up their iPhone with a huge extended battery. This is why Mophie created the battery packs. It allows any gamer to get the additional batter that they desire without having to replace their current batter with a huge brick. It simply just connects directly into your iPhone in order to help it maintain its charge. There are several options ranging from around $50-$100 each.

6. Apple TV


This is an extremely beneficial accessory for the avid gamer of an iPad or iPhone. It will allow you to merge the gap between the mobile device and the gaming console just a little bit more. Apple TV allows you to stream all of your mobile games right on your big screen. You no longer have to squint your eyes in order to see upcoming obstacles for you can increase the size of your game play and simply use your iPhone as the remote. The Apple TV costs around $100 and can be purchase through your Apple store.

Apple is always coming up with creative ways to advance their gaming experience. There are a lot more accessories that are expected to be release within the upcoming year, but these are just a few of what is already available for purchase.

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