Popular SEO Myths : Do You Believe In Them

Like any other sphere of commercial gains and profitable business scope SEO shares a few myths among those who know about it. However the degrees to which you may be a believer of these myths depend on your understanding.

Myths About SEO Usability

The first myth that catches attention is anyone can be an SEO expert. While you can always go through intensive training in this sphere of work it remains to be seen whether there is an individual and unique expertise that you can give back to the industry. And to test someone with such an idea there is a small test that can be used.


This is also yet myth about SEO that many of you believe in. Buying links and social media feedback helps to attain impressive page ranks. If someone believes in this theory they still have a long way to go on achieving SEO expertise.

Myths About Online Tools And SEO Success

One of the most popular myths that you may be led into believing is the importance of PageRank. Undoubtedly this is one of the main aspects considered in the world of SEO and also by Google but certainly isn’t the only criterion. There are several other techniques and attributes of search engine optimization that will also be essential in reaching a target result for your website.


Close on the heels of this myth there is yet another – use of Google Analytics will enable Google an inside view of your site. Depending largely on the views that Google uses such techniques to rank pages this is a common assumption among many.

Myths About SEO Techniques

There is a myth circulated among many that SEO techniques can be generally applicable among different websites. This is not always accurate thinking. Before incorporating techniques that may have worked wonders for another site you will have to evaluate its efficacy and relevance for the website and the specific industry of your company.


Next time if you hear someone saying their page rankings isn’t doing all that well and that’s because Google has penalized the same – you will know that you have just heard another popular myth about SEO. Google may have devaluated some of the search engine optimization techniques incorporated by some websites but manual penalties and singling out of websites in this way is not commonly done.

Myths About SEO Content And Spamming

Content has always been held in great esteem and much of it is also true. However it would be one of the popular myths about SEO to think that flawless and high standard content will bring you all the favors of profitable Providence. Despite its importance you can be assured that this is not the only factor for guaranteeing online success.


Last but perhaps the most important myth among many is SEO stands for spam. It is wrong to think there are no specific rules and system that segregates spam; there are factors like good content quality, healthy link building programs and social media presence that will always work well for your site. These will ensure that there are no spamming effects on your site as well.

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