Top Apps to have for New Blackberry OS 10 Phones

Blackberry OS 10 apps

Blackberry has been out of the market now for almost half a decade. This is one major time limit for which a market competitor is out of innovating and dealing with competition. At the time when the iPhones gave the company a good fright, it was all about competition. Just as Samsung and HTC faced the competition and came out with brand new gadgets, Blackberry was nowhere to be found. At that time, if it had fought for its top position, it might have taken the lead.

Blackberry OS 10 apps

However, stopping from innovating and creating something new is not always easy as well. If the company needed time, it went for it. Now after almost 5-6 years time, we have seen the announcement ceremony of new and improved touch phones from BB with OS 10.

Blackberry OS 10 Apps

Developers with app designs and ideas in mind are also waking up from their slumber with developing good apps and software for the new phones to come. Accessory builders are also coming up with good Blackberry cases for the phones. For the apps, the Blackberry Company RIM has worked very hard.

This is because the only user complains for the company, were low level and lesser number of apps for the BB phones. Wit OS 10 however, now this is not the case. Some of them are as follows for you to keep in mind and download if you want.

1. Super Site Searcher

This app has been refurbished with features for the new phones to come. On any site if you are looking for something just use this app to search for it, rather browsing the whole website for it. Enter the websites’ names and the app will search for you just as Google does for you with custom search queries. This pap is free to download with no charges and less disk space as well.

2. File Master

This app will help you put up an idea of how many tiles you would need to cover up a floor in your house. Give the dimensions of the floor and the tiles to be used and the exact number of tiles to be used will be given to you. You can save cost by buying that exact number. This app has been designed using Cascades.

3. What the Flag

This app is the easiest way to learn about how the flags of different countries loom like. Answer simple questions to know about your knowledge of flags and also have an idea of the new ones.

4. Whatsapp Messenger

Now with the free messaging apps available why should you be left behind? That is why the BB version of the Whatsapp has been loaded on the app world for RIM devices. You can freely message anyone on your phonebook with this app.

Only an internet connection is needed. The app will also help you send images and files too. You cannot call freely with it, but you can text and be in contact with your loved ons.

5. Area Calculator

This app is like the converter app, but does much more than just conversion. It helps you identify a certain area with respect to its height, width, breadth etc. You can now know the dimensions of areas in your room and in bigger places. This app can help you in designing places as well if you are an engineer.

For more apps, log on to third party app stores. Wait for the phones to come and then you can also get such apps from Crackberry online. Now you will find apps for just anything.

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