Giving New Life To Old Phones

It’s not hard to describe the potential and benefits of having a new phone. It is often more difficult, however, to describe the potential and benefits of an old phone. After all, unless this is your first mobile, any phone you buy is replacing the one you currently have.


These typically collect dust, and quickly get forgotten about. Part of this is because we have new phones to distract us, but it’s also partially because we’re not aware of the options open to us.

There are a few things you can do with the old phone, so here are a few of the key options. These include passing it on to someone else in need, giving the device to mobile phone recycling, or second-hand buyers.

Passing It On

If you don’t want it, why not give it to someone else who does? An unused phone can make the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t have one. Not everyone is interested in the latest phone. At the very least, if it can still make phone calls and texts, you probably know someone who would appreciate and benefit from such a phone.

The only major downside to this is that, unlike the other two options presented here, you’re not making any money from your old phone. Whilst you are undoubtedly providing new life and usefulness to your old phone, it doesn’t reward you with money; something that may be useful when facing the costs and expenses of a new phone.

Selling For Recycling

On the other hand, you can sell your phone for recycling. The strong demand for new phones means there is, likewise, a strong demand for the materials and minerals used in making new phones. They may look different, but the internal resources are not that different from older generation phones.

As such, you can easily find a price for your phone online. These resources are difficult to mine or obtain, yet your phone provides a small amount that’s easy to obtain. As such, you can get a fair price for your phone. If you’re buying a new phone, this will keep the costs down. When you no longer need that phone, you can then sell it for recycling as well.

Second-hand Markets

Similar to recycling, the second-hand market has a strong interest for your phone. This is a combination of recycling and passing it on. You can get money for your phone, and you also give it new life as someone else can use it.

It should be noted, however, that phones depreciate in value rather quickly. The older your phone or model, the less you are likely to get as a result. Unlike recycling, this means the price isn’t stable. If you’re replacing your phone, the chances are its already old and the major cash you can get off it is already lost.

As someone who uses their fair share of phones, Bob Care knows a thing or two about technology and mobile phone recycling. More than just the technical aspects of new gadgets he understands the financial weight technology has on the average person too and looks to offer affordable ideas and tips.

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