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With the expected date of the new iPhone 7 to be early September excitement is ramping up with even more speculation and rumours hitting our pages each day and with the huge amount of hype surrounding this next generation smartphone we are wondering what Apple can offer us to justify all this publicity.


To be fair to Apple can rightly expect so much excitement both from it fans but also from industry analysts and the tech media that focuses on smartphones, all have had several supposed leaked images.

The usual launch date is in early September and this is so that the company can end the year on a high and this coming September will almost certainly be the launch date of the iPhone 7.

When you consider the fact that it was only ten years ago that the very first generation iPhone was launched and how far the technology has advanced since those early days, it truly is remarkable and not a small achievement by Apple and its associates.

Now we can enjoy numerous apps to individualize our devices, with the apps covering a multitude of differing requirements from their users.  Nowhere else can you browse, plan, pay or play whether it is searching and then booking that trip you have always wanted to go on, connecting with friends and family from all over the world via one of the many social media apps or even enjoying one of the high quality online casinos like Gamingclub where you can take advantage of some spectacular bonuses and promotional offers through your mobile device and enjoy your favourite games whilst on the go.

So along with those comments and of course rumours and speculations, predictions and wild guesses, we have gathered together some of the latest new about the new iPhone that those industry analysts and specialist tech media have thought worth bothering about.

One of the most important and iconic design features of the iPhone is the home button, and the vote is still hung whether the home button will stay or be revamped using pressure sensitive technology from Macbook computers for the home button.

At present the home button is a switch, but the new models will house a pressure sensitive button which provides the user with feedback via a vibrating haptic sensation.

There has also been quite a bit of debating about how much the phone is going to cost with the consensus of opinion being that the latest iPhone 7 will probably not be any cheaper than its predecessors, however it is hoped that Apple is going to rid itself of the 16GB of storage to a much more respectable 32GB of storage and this is hoped to be in the basic model too.  If this is true we can probably expect any other models to have larger storage capacity, most likely 64GB and 128GB in order to stick within the £619 to £699 prices.

The name of the new iPhone 7 is also being debated, whether it could be the iPhone 6SE instead of the iPhone 7.  These rumours come from a Chinese supply chain who’s sources claim to have seen the finished packaging and labels sporting the new name, but this is of course highly speculative although the new name would make sense if the new phone is going to be an iterative update rather than a major design overhaul which could well be something rather special with it being the ten year anniversary of the company.

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