6 Trustworthy Secrets from Successful Bloggers


Successful bloggers are those talented people who want to say something to the world, who want to share their thoughts, emotions and experience. Do you want to be a blogger and make money? Can you believe that even blogs on the topics “Buy essay writing online”, “How to feed the pigeons?” and “What is the best way to spend your summer fun?” can become popular and bloggers can make money on them?


At the beginning you can create a blog and become happy that now you can call yourself “a blogger”, however, later you can feel depressed because of a small number of subscribers.

 “What made some bloggers popular?” –this question everybody wants to ask. Find an answer to this question in this article. Here are some easy secrets from successful bloggers that will unravel a mystery of their success and popularity.

1. Do everything right from the very beginning

Create a good name and domain for your blog from the first time because they make a brand image. The domain has to be easily spelled and the name has to reflect yourself. Do not use the subdomains of WordPress or Blogger, better launch a domain on your own.

2. Make it unique

Do not copy other bloggers. If you want to create a blog, then consider making your own product! If people see that the person posts the same information as the other bloggers, they do not want to read it. In addition, they would probably write some bad comments and therefore it may have a bad effect on your reputation.

Visit different places, travel, meet new people – do everything that can broaden your worldview and make you an interesting person with a useful information to read. Do not follow a mainstream, develop your own style.

3. Time management

It seems to be a problem if you write posts for a couple of hours and spend a lot of time on editing. Posts should be qualitative, however, they should be emotional as well. Do not correct every single mistake, make the posts kind of real and not artificial, with your own brand signature. We advise you to write blogs of about 300-400 words. Moreover, consider including a beautiful (and an appropriate) image and providing some links that may interest your readers.

Moreover, it is recommended to set the deadlines. For example, set an alarm for 30 minutes and focus on writing the blog post that consists of 300 words. You will be amazed how productive you will become if you will develop your time management skills.

4. Work for readers

Make your readers interested in what you are writing. You may ask the most committed followers about the things they like in your posts and things that are worth improving and working on.

5. Socialize

Contact some famous bloggers and ask them to add you to their blogroll. Therefore, those people who want to read more can click on the blogroll, find you and probably subscribe.

Find bloggers that work in the similar sphere with you and whose topics are on the similar themes. Some bloggers may do it for free, while others may think that you are their competitor and therefore can ask for money or even refuse. But his kind of promotion is worth spending money on because it can drive your popularity a lot!

6. Motivate yourself and set goals

Goals setting is an important part of work. You have to know why you are writing a blog and what are you doing it for. For example, set a goal that one month after starting a blog you will have 100 subscribers. Better dream of something impossible than of the things that are simple to get. Do not forget that dreams always come true!

However, setting goals is not enough. Motivation is needed! For example, if the goal of getting 100 subscribers is met, buy something that can make you happy (chocolate, new shoes or a pint of beer). It is a well-known fact that motivation increases productivity.

7. Do not procrastinate

Procrastination is not the thing that can make you successful. It can make you lazy! In addition, never give up. There are times when you feel depressed and you want to stop blogging (perhaps because of a monotonous work). However, do not do it. Breathe deeply and start writing again, remember the day when you decided to become a blogger and go ahead!

Although following the top 6 trustworthy steps discussed above can make you popular, do not forget to love what you are doing and care about your blog.

In addition, you may probably have one more question “How to create a blog that makes money?” If you have this question, then read some articles on how to monetize your blog.

Moreover, remember that if you love your audience, the audience will love you even more.

Good luck!

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