Top 5 Best Travel Apps for 2016


There are so many useful apps that you can download to your mobile devices in order to make your life that little bit simpler in a busy world.  When you begin to think that it was only ten years ago that Steve Jobs launched the first generation iPhones, and how far technology has advanced, it is pretty incredible how we rely on apps in today’s society.


Nowhere else have you such an array of information, or the ability to carry out so many tasks at your fingertips, whether it is planning that next trip abroad, monitoring your health, browsing or using some free time to play at your favourite online casino like it is all available simply and cheaply, and that is what makes mobile devices so very personal to each individual that uses them.

Before technology made those leaps and bounds times were pretty hard for the app user as, quite frankly the whole experience was awful, and if you take playing at an online casino as an example of how bad it was with Wi-Fi speeds crashing the games all the time and graphics being really poor, plus the mobile phone screens were far too small you begin to get the idea of how bad it was way back then.

Now we can expect and are delivered only the very best of quality with graphics in HD quality and Wi-Fi speeds being able to handle even the heaviest of demands, plus you can use your regular password that you would use to log into any particular site and use the same type of banking options to fund your personal account.  Many mobile casinos also offer exclusive bonuses and promotions for their users, so now playing when and where you like is a reality.

Travel apps have also come into their own since this technological advancement and there is something there for any type of traveller whether you are going away for the weekend or thinking about doing some long haul journeys.

Below is a list of five of the most popular travel apps available. There are many more that you can download depending on your travel requirements so check out what is available and will suit you the best.

XE Currency is a great app for those who visit India and can convert currency of different countries very accurately, taking into any fluctuations in value.

For those who like to keep friend and family Live Trekker might just be the app for you as it allows you to keep a comprehensive log of your route and also records where you clicked images.  The apps records where you stay and where you record a video and then creates for you a small blog for each trip you make.

Social apps feature in most people lives and Instagram and Snapchat are a must whilst you are travelling about as not only do you get to keep in touch with all your friends and family but you can also tease them by sending all your great photos with a ‘wish you were here’ quotes.

For local travelling apps like Uber and Ola that help you move around locally, especially if you are not familiar with the train and bus routes. Uber lets you book cabs and Ola lets you book cabs, shuttles and autos.  Both services have a dedicated work force so you can rely on their honesty and pay using your phone so there is no money exchanged at all.

TipUniq is a really useful app aimed at helping people decide what to do on a city break and tries to imitate what it would be like if it was a friend showing you about their city.  There are itineraries that have been compiled by local people, and you can source the information when you are offline too.

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