6 Ways on How to Make a Top Grossing App

All it takes is an idea, a basic understanding of computer programming and a few hours with a computer. With those three things, anyone can create an app, but all apps are not created equal. Consider the hundreds of thousands of apps that are available on the App Store.


Only a very few of them, perhaps ten percent can be considered true hits. The rest of the apps are virtually non-existent.

So what sets the top apps apart from the rest of the selection?

They all follow a few basic principles that help to ensure they offer the best combination of usability, functionality and price for the most users. The developers took many things into consideration during the design process. Following similar guidelines can help your app rise to the top of the pile.

Keep It Simple

It’s not hard to make an app that’s overcomplicated. Sometimes you’ll get carried away, waiting to get everything perfect, right down to the last detail. Try keeping it simple. The end user will be a lot more interested in an app that it simple to use. They want no learning curve. They should be able to grab the app and be using it to its full extent in a matter of minutes, even less if possible.

Make it an Addiction

Make your app addicting by ensuring that it fills a need. Users need to have a reason to come back to your app. Having an app that’s free to download is great, but the chances of encouraging users to make a purchase from the app are slim. Most users will simply see the free app as bait. The word will spread that it’s useless, unless it fills a need. Filling a need will lead to an addiction, which will lead to profits.

Make Your Users Happy

Happy users are lucrative users. An app that inspires a sense of value and ease of use will result in happy users. Happy users will spread the word of your app faster than any other marketing strategy, and it’s absolutely free. Satisfied users are also considerable more likely to make additional purchases from the app like premium features and upgrades.


If you want to make a top-grossing app, nothing is more important that making it stand out. It needs to be unique. Whether it’s a unique look or unique functionality, or something else that’s different from the rest, it doesn’t matter. Any of those will make your app stand out. Anything less will mean your app will get lost in the thousands of other similar apps.

Social Influence

Social media is a great tool for promotion. Having an app that has the major social media methods built in will ensure that users have a simple way to share their experiences with your app to the masses. Users are more likely to share your app on social media if they don’t have to leave the app to do it. Your app could even automate the process.

Build Continuing Content

Nothing will keep a user coming back better than an app that is constantly evolving with new content. Not only is this a great way to build an addiction, it’s a solid revenue generator. Once you’ve established a user base for the original app, most, if not all of them will be interested in added content for an app that they rely on every day. Many of them will certainly consider paying for such content.

That’s six solid tips for building a top-grossing app. Don’t let your project get lost amongst the hundreds of thousands of app on the market. Use these ideas to make an app that is useful, simple and fills a need while providing you with an excellent return on your investment.

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