5 Essential iPad Apps for Bloggers

iPad Apps for Bloggers

Here are iPad apps for bloggers. It is a fact that blogging was not that popular, as it became in 2011. The trend of writing blogs took a shift and they became more towards expressing one’s opinion and expression about something. If one would say that blogs became the most important and authentic source to consider for updated information then it will not be wrong.

iPad Apps for Bloggers

You will be amazed to know that there were countless developments, which is why the year 2011 was considered the best for bloggers. Some of the worthy to know advancements were as follows:

  • Distinct blogging software were introduced
  • More information about blogging became accessible
  • Blogs were highly advertised

Beside these major advancements, many blogging apps for gadgets have also gained a lot of popularity. One of the best examples is of iPad for which countless worthy to use blogging apps were introduced. Now you must be thinking why blogging facilities became available to be used on gadgets.

There were two major reasons behind this, which are mentioned below:

More use of gadgets

One of the major reasons was the increased trend of having a gadget. You would not find a single person, who did not own any kind of gadget. The most surprising fact was that iPad was one of the most popular gadgets and almost every second tech-savvy person had it. This was the basic reason, due to which introducing blogging apps for gadgets had become the indispensable need.

Facilitation for bloggers

Blogging is something, which needs a blogger to be online most of the times for posting content, replying back to comments, checking stats, and much more. It was understood that to use a computer or laptop 24/7 was not something possible all the time. Thus, these gadgets’ apps were introduced.

Hence, if you are also a bloggers and want to stay online 24/7 with ease for effective and efficient blogging then downloading the below-mentioned best 2013 iPad apps for blogging will be a wise decision:

1. Mind Meister

In simple words, blogging is all about gathering different thoughts and giving your content a flow so that others can read it with ease to grab the presented information. Keep in mind that to run a blog efficiently, you need to organize your strategies, thoughts, and plans, and this can be done best with the help of Mind Meister iPad app, which is available for free.

2. Blogsy

It is a fact that posting the content is one of the major responsibilities of every blogger. Now you can upload the content on different publishing platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, and many more with ease. Isn’t it amazing? For this, you just have to get Blogsy app for your iPad, which is available for just $4.99.

3. Aviary

One of the most effective ways to make your blog attractive is to add relevant photos to your blog and for this, Aviary is the best photo editing iPad app to use by bloggers. Using this smart app, you can enjoy different photo editing features like auto enhancement, sharpness, orientation, red-eye removal, cropping, and much more. The best part is that this app is also available for free.

4. Analytics

Do you want to track your stats and web performance? If yes, then the best is to use an iPad app for this to get what you want without wasting your time. Analytics app is available for free, and it allows its users to track multiple profiles with respect to the audience, popularity of content, traffic, etc.

5. FTP on the go

If you are one of those advanced bloggers, who prefer to access the files on their FTP servers then getting this FTP on the go app will be right solution for you, as by using this app, you will be able to access all FTP servers on your iPad anytime you want.

In nutshell, iPad apps have ease the work of bloggers. Thus, one should not waste one’s time in thinking more and should get these apps right now.

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