The Best Smartphone You’ve Never Heard of

K-Touch Treasure V8

It goes without saying that in the 21st century we all want a smartphone. Surrounded by advertising paid for by the industry’s big players – Apple, Samsung, Sony and Nokia – we could be forgiven for having a knee-jerk reaction when it comes to deals on the leading mobile phones, and simply reaching for one of the most famous brands.

While you are unlikely to go wrong with one of their smartphones the savvy consumer might wonder whether, when it comes to mobile phone deals, the best ones really do come from the top. Essentially is it possible to get a smartphone that might have a lower profile, but nonetheless doesn’t leave you feeling short-changed?

The answer is assuredly yes. Here’s some information on where to look to arm yourself with smartphone that lets you stand out from the crowd.

K-Touch Treasure V8

Though the Treasure V8 was officially unveiled at the MWC 2012 in February, K-Touch felt improvements could still be made, and the version now on sale has received further upgrades.

It’s an Android-supporting smartphone running Android 4.0, which, while not being the latest version of Android available, will certainly provide enough speed and capability for all but the most demanding users.

K-Touch Treasure V8

One of the things that often set the lesser-known smartphones ahead of their famous competitors is the quality of their screen, and the Treasure V8 is no exception running a 4.5 inch display that allows a pixel-ration of 326 pixels per inch. In comparison Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has only 306.

While some doubts have been raised about the build-materials of the Treasure V8 (unsurprisingly as its in areas like these that lesser known manufacturers look to make economies) with 16GB internal memory and 1GB of ram in terms of looks, speed and processing capability the Treasure V8 is unlikely to let you down.

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