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This May the next major event in the world of tech gaming takes place. The Global Gaming Expo Asia (G2E Asia) will be held in the heart of the Asian gaming world….Macao. I won’t be there but all the big players will be and they will be setting new trends that will change and influence every web user for years to come.


In case you’ve not noticed over the last five years the online gaming revolution has really gained momentum. A fresh new wave of gaming technology is about to wash over us with the release of dozens of new titles incorporating the latest in cutting edge design.

Take for instance my own personal favourite Top Mobile Casino. Phone, tablet or laptop it really doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing when the time. When I want to play I do. Technology has made that possible but not everyone is happy.

Be in no doubt things will look very different five years from now because the nature of game technology changes so fast. Predicting the future is what G2E is all about and that’s why I’ll be reading the reviews after the event. And remember G2E is only one of a number of high profile industry events to happen in the next few months.

But it’s not just about new ideas. Lots of us appreciated the fact that you can now plug your headphones into the play station joypad. It’s a small industry design addition that is much more about comfort than it is about innovation. It’s all about the developers playing around with the fundamentals of new hardware and social features.

These things take time and of course lots of our own hard earned money to pay for it. And don’t forget none of us are getting any younger. As the population ages we will see an increasing number of people carrying gaming on into their retirement or perhaps even discovering gaming in their later years. This presents developers with a huge market to explore and huge rewards to be gained.

Finally there is one more factor to consider. The development of virtual reality technology. It’s no secret that the big investors are falling over each other to get in first. This could be the real game changer and no-one wants be left behind. It’s a really exciting time for everyone connected to the industry and keeping informed is all important.

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