5 Tips on How to Choose a High-Quality Essay Writing Service Quickly


Don’t have enough time to write an essay? Or simply don’t have the energy? You may feel the urge to enlist the services of an essay writing company to do it for you. However, not all writing services are created equally. Some are worth your trust and money; others are not. The following tips will help you choose a high-quality, most trusted essay writing service in as little time as possible.


1. Quality is Expensive

You probably won’t want to hear this, but a reliable, high-quality writing service is going to charge good money. It’s an unavoidable fact of the market; high-quality products take more time and effort and therefore cost more money to procure. If it would take a writer eight hours and lots of research to write a good essay for you, do you really think they’ll only charge ten dollars?

In fact, you should outright avoid unusually cheap writing services or services that mention their cheap prices as their most important selling point. The reason why those services will be so cheap is that they either aren’t doing any real research into your topic or because they won’t spend very much time writing your paper. And as we all know, it takes time to write a solid essay.

Of course, exactly how much writing needs to be done and how quickly will affect prices. A one-page essay due in ten days will generally cost about $18.75 from a reliable service. But a four-page essay due in three hours would cost closer to $150.00. Many writing services let you calculate the price of your essay before committing to anything, so it pays to look around on many different websites and see what the average cost of your paper is. If a service is asking for half the price of all the competition, it might be a red flag.

2. Direct Contact with the Writer

As you can imagine, in order for a stranger to write a paper that sounds like it came from you, they’ll probably need to talk to you a bit. After all, chances are your teacher knows your general writing style. So if the writer you’re hiring doesn’t know it, they won’t be able to match it, and the teacher will probably fail you for an essay you yourself didn’t write. The writer will need to match your general tone, the types of mistakes you often make and be especially sharp if English isn’t your first language.

That being the case, never trust a service that doesn’t mention constant contact with the writer that is hired to fulfill your order. Reputable websites will always advertise the fact that you can communicate with your writer directly, so you can discuss your needs with them.

3. Free Revisions

Imagine, you shell out eighty dollars for a stellar essay, and when you receive it, it’s garbage. Or maybe you just don’t like it, or there’s a part that doesn’t follow the teacher’s instructions. Maybe it doesn’t really sound like you, which is bad. No problem; reputable writing services almost always offer unlimited free revisions for the essays they write, altering them as many times as you wish until it satisfies you. After all, you’re the customer, paying them good money to meet your expectations. Always make sure that the service has an unlimited free revisions policy; if they don’t, you probably wouldn’t want to trust an important essay to them.

After all, how often are essays perfect the very first time?

4. Plagiarism Report, Free of Charge

In high school, plagiarism can cost you serious points or get you sent to the principal’s office. In college, it could flunk you out of a class or get you expelled entirely. The last thing you want is to pay for an essay, only to find out that it’s mostly plagiarized after turning it in. Remember how we discussed cheap writing services charging small fees? They can often do that because they simply run around and copy paste an essay together. It takes no effort and it’s skin off their teeth when you’re in trouble; they’ve already got your money.

A high-quality essay writing service will almost always offer free plagiarism checks along with your order. Remember, you’re their customer; you don’t have to pay them if you aren’t satisfied or confident in their work, and they want to be paid. A free plagiarism report is often included because they want you to feel secure and have peace of mind in their services. A website that doesn’t offer such addition isn’t trustworthy.

5. 24/7 Customer Service

A reliable company is going to have customer service you can reach at any time. Again, they want to cater to your needs, because they’re charging you good money and want you to feel like they’ve earned that cost. They’ll provide 24/7 customer service so you can contact them and stay updated on the progress of your paper or ask questions about the service itself. A website that has no customer service at all is definitely one that you want to avoid.

Ultimately, remember that you can often find out just how reputable a site is by asking around. The internet is full of reviews and people’s opinions, and it isn’t hard to find the general consensus on any one website. Follow the tips above, conduct a light investigation into the reputation of a website, and you’ll be able to find a reliable and high-quality service in no time.

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