Steps to be Followed When Choosing a Domain Name for Your Business

Domain Name

So, your dream of starting up your own small business is now taking shape and will soon be going on the floors. You’ve decided to start your own line of fashion accessories with styles and designs that are easy on the pocket. You’ve incorporated several elements to make these accessories look like one in a million.

Domain Name

The only task that remains is getting this materialised. While your store may be all snazzy and well decked with the most chic pieces of jewellery, you must take note that there are millions of people who will be visiting your website as well. You need to put in as much effort into the details and technicality of the website as you put into the store. While you mull over these minute details, there is one prime detail that you should not miss. You absolutely must buy a domain name.

Your domain name is as important for your website as your full name is to your existence. Just as your name identifies the person you are, a domain name identifies your website. It is vital that you make sure you are aware of the technicalities involved before you take the plunge.

To put it simply, you may be involved in the sale of accessories having a particular brand name but you choose a different domain name for your brand’s website. What happens in such a situation?

Things to keep in mind –

A rival brand having the same name as your brand may choose a domain name that matches the brand name and all your prospective buyers will be directed to your competitor’s website. This is the power of a domain name. It can make or break your company. Therefore, the first and the most important point to consider is choosing the right domain name for your brand. Try to keep a same name for your website and your domain as much as possible.

Most people find themselves flustered over choosing a domain name. They are not sure whether a long domain name would be appropriate or whether they should opt for a shorter one. However, the answer to this is simple. Domain names can be as long as 67 characters. That gives people a lot of freedom and flexibility. But the audience must be capable of remembering the name of the website.

One simple rule to follow is; if your website has a long name, it’s better to include the long name instead of using abbreviations. It will add on to the confusion. However, if the name of your website itself is a shorter one, then there won’t be any issues arising. So always steer clear of abbreviations.

Using hyphenated words is another point that evokes mixed reactions from users. While some swear by hyphenated words for their websites stating that it is a great way to still retain your domain name similar to your website’s name if that name has already been taken, many choose to stay away from it.

Usually, hyphenated words create confusion and to put it simply, are difficult to type. So, when you buy a domain name, first opt for a name without hyphens. But if the situations demands and you have no other choice, opt for hyphenated words.

If you do not want to compromise on the quality of your domain name and using hyphens leaves you unsure, you can always use words like “the” and “my” as a prefix for your domain name. But whilst you do that, make sure you also include the same name for your websites and promotions. Follow these simple rules and you are good to go!

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