Promote Your Blog on Google Communities: Ways

Google plus has been putting great efforts to compete with Facebook. But still, most people are unaware of the complete benefits of Google plus particularly about the newly evolved Google communities. Google communities offer features that are similar to that of Facebook Groups.


In addition, Google communities allow you to participate in discussions, share photos and videos. The photos you share on Google plus are believed to be of high quality. The great advantage of getting into Google Communities is that the Google search engine feature is also applicable to Google communities. Here are the great ways that help you promote your blog on Google Communities.

Create fresh and unique content

As soon as you post content on your blog, you need to recommend it to your Google community. But before that, make sure that you always create fresh and unique content where readers would find the information interesting. As nothing is more challenging than awesome and original content, put some effort in checking the spellings, grammar and graphics before posting them on your blog.

Also, make sure all your posts are written in a conversational tone. In this way, you are creating an emotional relationship with your readers and will keep them engaged till the end.

Write on topics of your expertise

You must choose topics for your blog in which you are proficient. You need to be creative on whatever you write. Whether it is related to some sort of professional work or it has something to do with certain hobby or school. You need to do lot of research. You need not focus on covering just one theme, but don’t overload your article with unnecessary things that leave with you nothing.

Identify and join the right group

To identify the right group, enter the keywords in the search tab. By doing so, the result displays a list of groups along with their relevant descriptions. Here, you have to go through the descriptions carefully and join the right group. Don’t choose a group just because it has more members but choose the one which has active members.

Also, you have to choose the group that has same interests as that of you. After choosing a group, you have to tag your post for your blog with the right tags so that it helps people to identify you.

Interact with your niche

Like the saying, Birds of the same feather flock together, in Google communities; you will have to be in the people’s circles with similar interests. Perfectly crafted to support relationships between members of the community, Google communities provide the exact platform to showcase your talent and interact with people in the communities.

Create interesting profile

Your profile speaks a lot, which plays an important role in promoting your blog. This should mention your name and your blog where you post your content. If the readers find your posts informative, which you share over the public Google community, they would be motivated to view your profile to gather more information about you.

Most probably they will click on your website’s links and check over some other interesting or informative posts, which could help them in expanding their area of knowledge. Hence, make sure you create interesting profile and update it at regular intervals.

Be active and post regularly

Most often, the readers never bother to comment on our posts just because we simply ignore to respond to their comments. Hence, it is recommended to stay alert in interacting with them by commenting on and sharing posts. You can simply hit the +1 button if you find the post really interesting.

When you interact with people of same niche as you, you can earn leverage and learn from them how to expand your circles and gain quality traffic to your blog.

Impress your readers with online contests

Just like any other social media networks, Google Communities also allow you to organize a number of online contests with the help of coupons and freebies to impress readers in a more attractive manner. Simply, create a blog post with mechanics and rewards of the contest and share this across your Google community.

Also, mention in your post that the names of the winners will be displayed on your blogs so the readers have to visit your posts regularly. Moreover, motivate your readers to subscribe to your RSS feeds to keep them updated with the latest information.

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