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The only way to fuel your blog is to drive blog traffic to it. The less time and money you spend on this endeavor the better. Out there you will get plenty of advice, some will work a while and some will serve you all through. So many eBooks have been made and are being sold advising on how to improve the blog traffic but here are free tips on making the best of your blog.


Identify your strength and niche

After identifying the areas you are strong in, go ahead and write as much as you can. Talk about your specific field and communicate to your fans and visitors. A polished article will be worth a lot if you get the right type and number of visitors.

Put the skills into action

Whatever it is you are good at, make it work for you. Write skillfully and informatively so that even a person on the other side of the world will be impressed so much as to come back for more. Always be there to link readers to your blog. Join online forums and discuss with people there and market the blog, the results will be amazing.

Be determined in your plans

A good and well planned marketing strategy aimed to drive traffic to blog needs determination to fuel it. Ask your readers how easy it is for the m to find your blog, this way you can rate the traffic you will be getting and also get to learn the best ways to maximize traffic. After setting up a plan, stick to it all the way and watch the results.

Make blog submission to good blog directories

This is a very wonderful and effortless way to increase traffic. These directories contain so many websites in their thousands therefore having your blog with them means you will be reaching so many internet visitors. It is a great way to boost site rankings of your blog to unimaginable heights in search engines like Yahoo, MSN and Google.

Post great content

If you can, have the content controversial so as to generate lots of debate and interest. Controversial topics are known to shake the readers and they will spread the blog to so many people. The viral effect will be astounding to your advantage since the traffic to your blog will be very high.

Blog about a celebrity

This way you will attract so much attention. The more the visits the better especially if you make money from the blog site. Search about a celebrity and write an interesting topic about them to jolt your visitors to action. Make a good story and be fair and correct in your content. These methods have worked and will work for you.

A concerted effort employing all or most of these methods will have a very profound effect and will drive the traffic to your blog through the roof. Ensure to keep the visitors coming and loyal by posting great contents regularly.

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