How to Track Your Blog Visitors

Blog Visitors

All new bloggers have one common question in their mind that how many visitors their blog is getting since the blog is launched. Also how many pageviews, where my visitors come from, are they coming via search engine or they are referring some other website to land onto my blog and so on.

Blog Visitors

I think they should know and track their blog visitors by putting a html page counter on their website. You can do a complete Visitor Analysis for Your Website using this html hit counter. If you search online you will get diffrent names to these counters like –

Other names to the Hit Counters

  • page counters
  • Page counter
  • web counter
  • free visitors counter
  • blog hit counter
  • web page visitor counter
  • site counter
  • online hit counter
  • visitor counter
  • stat counter
  • website view counter
  • text hit counter
  • flash hit counter

I know one of such site which will help you to track your blog visitors. StatCounter is the great place to analyze web visits to your blog. So, how to do this?You have to do a first thing that, create a free account at StatCounter to get your StatCounter code.

How to do this in Blogger?

  • Sign in to your blogger dashboard.
  • Click on the ‘layout‘ from drop down arrow to the right of the blog name.
  • Click the “add a gadget” link
  • Scroll down and click the plus next to “HTML/JavaScript” in the popup window
  • Paste the StatCounter code in the box
  • Click save and then Click save arrangement in the upper right hand corner

That’s it, now you can track all your blog visitors by logging to StatCounter website.

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