How to show HTML code in Blogger Post ?

Want to show some piece of code in your post to your readers ?? Normally when you insert some code with HTML tags in your blogger composer , it will be executed and the result will be shown instead of code.In such a case How to show code with HTML tags to your readers.

Its very simple. All you have to do is

  • Copy the HTML code you want to add to your post in a notepad .
  • In the notepad , go to Edit –> Replace
  • A dialogue window will pop up . In the window , type > in the text box “Find what ” and type &gt; in the text box ” Replace with “.  Do the same for < class=”fullpost”>
  • Now copy the entire code and use it in your blogger composer .
  • Now publish the posts and the tags &lt; and  &gt; which used will be shown as <> in your blog .

Hope this will help the new blogger users .

If you have any doubts , suggestion then feel free to comments here.

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