Can We Sync Android Bookmarks With Computer’s Web Browser?


Ironically, while Google does offer a bookmarking service at, it hasn’t gotten around to implementing any kind of sync between this and the built-in Android browser as yet. There are a few workarounds you can set up. It’s possible to sync both Chrome (click the wrench icon and select Set up sync) and Firefox (using the GMarks add-on) with Google Bookmarks to get all your bookmarks synced up in one place.

Then you can use apps like GoMarks or Transmute to pull these into the Android browser. If you’re using the Dolphin web browser, you can sync directly with Google Bookmarks.

Bookmark syncing in Android is currently a bit of a mess. Until it’s ironed out, you’ll find apps like Transmute will help smooth things over a little.

Tip: Android’s built-in browser doesn’t currently support bookmark folders, so if you have lots of bookmarks you may want to pare them down before you import them to save trawling through an endless list every time you need to access one.

Alternatively, if you already use bookmark syncing from or, these services have their own apps on the Market that will sync with your phone. Another option is to start using the Opera web browser on your computer and use Opera Mini on your phone. The Opera Link feature enables you to sync bookmarks between the two.


If you simply want to import your bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, use the MyBookmarks app from the Market. Social networking is a doddle to set up on an Android phone. Depending on your handset, chances are it came with Facebook and Twitter apps built in; it may also have prompted you to set these accounts up when you first used your phone; and it may even have already sneakily combined Facebook photos and contact details with people already in your contact list.

If you don’t already have them installed, the official apps for these and other social networking sites are available for free from the Market, along with a dizzying array of third-party equivalents. It’s best to start with the official apps and then try some of the others if they offer extra features you feel you’re missing.

Once installed, you can set how often you’d like the app to sync with your online account, and which kinds of data you’d like to see. You’ll find detailed settings within the app itself under Menu > Settings, with more general sync settings available from your main Menu > Settings > Accounts and sync screen.

The official Facebook app gives you immediate access to most of the site’s common major features.

Tip: Don’t forget that you can still access these sites (and your Gmail and Calendar) from your phone’s web browser. Most networking sites have a mobile or touchscreen-optimized version which you may prefer using over the dedicated app.

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