What’s the Difference? Choosing a Mobile Web Browser

A mobile web browser is a software program that will enable users to view webpages and other materials on the Internet through their mobile devices. There are more options available than you can imagine, each offering custom features and capabilities making the user experience unique. Use the following information to compare the available browsers and determine which one will best suit your needs.

A mobile web browser works much differently in the terms of operating systems that are supported and features. The best ones available will provide page zoom and shortcuts for the keyboard, while others will only be able to display the websites that are already optimized for use on mobile devices.

Opera Mobile


This web browser is optimized for mobile use, providing a modern appearance and the ability to share content through the browser on social networks. It provides fast and smooth connectivity and use with features such as the ability to open multiple tabs and zoom capabilities.


This web browser has the ability to measure the bandwidth conditions of the device in real time for each subscriber on a network. Additionally, it can determine when there is a poor connection and a user is trying to stream high-quality videos that will usually result in a frustrating experience.

The browser will utilize the Rocket Optimizer duster to provide an adaptation for the video to fit the existing capacity. This results in a better QoE for the users who are operating on crowded towers and inside buildings, and will provide solutions for long start times for video, stalls, and many other annoyances.



This web browser produced richly displayed websites such as YouTube with zoom features and a touch-based interface that is designed specifically for mobile users. This is one of the primary web browsers for the Apple iOS operating system. It provides an unparalleled experience with all of the features you would expect from a typical web browser, optimized for mobile use.

Firefox Mobile

This browser provides all of the features and abilities of Firefox, optimized for web usage. You can enjoy an improved performance as well as the latest innovations for security and privacy.

The browser has recently been redesigned for easier usability and more touch-friendly features. Some of the premier features include an Awesomebar, add-on support, PC-syncing, and mutable tab capabilities. The most appealing feature of all is the free price tag that accompanies it.


This browser provides a superior platform for Java Me applications. It is offered free of charge and is produced by Bitstream Inc. It uses WebKit to provide a full webpage layout found on typical desktops on your mobile device. Some of the features include tabbed browsing, keypad that utilizes shortcuts for zooming, support for multiple downloads, and expanded support for Flash videos.

When it comes to selecting the perfect mobile web browser, there is no right answer. It is often a process of trial and error to find the one that works best for you. Each of the options here offers the latest technology and capabilities to ensure your mobile browsing is optimized to the device that you are using.

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