FIFA Mobile Soccer Review – A Mobile Game for Football Enthusiasts


Football is one of the most popular sports that are played in every country of the world. It is one of the most recognized and established sports in most of the countries of the world. Though many of you love to play it on the ground, but there are still many who love to play it over their mobiles as well.

Electronic Arts, popularly known as EA, has launched an exaggerating mobile soccer game for all the football enthusiasts few months back. The game named ‘FIFA Mobile Soccer’ has been trending on the PlayStore since long. Let us have a brief insight on this stunning gaming app.

FIFA Mobile Soccer – An Introduction


The game was launched for the football lovers and the users of iOS and Android devices. It is compatible with Android devices running on Android version 4.1 or above and on iOS devices running on iOS version 8.0 or above. Playing football had never been too exciting than in the new mobile app by EA. This game has been exclusively built for the mobile users having size less than 100MB. If you were searching for a stunning football app since a long time then FIFA Mobile Soccer can turn out to be the best one.

What’s New in This Game?

EA has totally revolutionized this game. You can play this game with ‘VS Attack’ feature. There are a number of new attributes added to the game. Some of them are:

  • You can play the quick attack-focused matches in real time against the opponents.
  • The leaderboards and divisions can be worked upon to chase the better rewards.
  • You can send emotes during the match.
  • The teammate runs and positioning have been made more intelligent to avoid the offside and more responsive dribbling controls have been given.

Ultimate Features of FIFA Mobile Soccer

This mobile game comes packed with some of the most powerful features. Some of them are as follows:

Authentic Soccer Game

With 30 leagues, 650 real teams, and around 17000 real players, the game delivers an authentic experience to every player. Immerse yourself in the world of beautiful sport by indulging with your favorite stars scoring the goals and defending a few as well.

Manage Your Team

You can select your favorite team and make your way with a new approach to obtain the players in auctions. You can add the depth to your squad by making the line-up adjustments and tweak the tactics just before every match. Select the right squad and watch your club getting better every day.

Attack to Win

With the ‘Attack Mode’ you can bring innovative level of competition in the game. Play the thrilling matches that throw you to the attacking positions and add glory to your feet. You just need to master the control of bite-sized players to take your team to success.

Stay Tuned With the Live Events

Stay connected to the FIFA Mobile Soccer 365 days in a year with the updated stories and matches. Be swift to take part in the live events that change throughout the day and get a chance to win prizes, player items, and pack.

Join League

You should participate in the leagues that help you in joining the forces and enjoy the glory with friends. You can take on the best gamers around the world in the ‘League Vs League’ tournaments and climb up the leaderboards. Moreover, you can improve your skills by playing inter-league matches.

What’s missing

However, one thing that I feel the FIFA Mobile Soccer is missing is the option to place few bets online. The user and the players can sign in and pay by either using a credit card or a PayPal account, which will in turn increase the thrill of the game and make it more interesting.

This gives us an idea that EA Sports should make tournaments which users can join (similar to the Champions League), and then they will place bets on individual matches or they can even wager on the number of corners, number of yellow or red cards and the title winner. This feature will give this game a complete real life experience of betting on football matches.

The Last Words

FIFA Mobile Soccer is one of the best mobile games ever launched by EA. You need a persistent internet connection to play the game. Moreover, one can thoroughly have the ultimate gaming experience while playing the game. It is an enthralling game for every football enthusiast.

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