Top 10 iPhone Fitness and Bodybuilding Apps

The iPhone is no longer a tool used just for communicating. This device can do more than making an unpretentious call. Thanks to the dominant operating system and applications it contains, people can collect various programs that enhance the value of iPhones with functionality and value.

Bodybuilders and fitness-minded people are no exception. There are various fitness apps that focus on individual training, fitness and sports. Apple has an extensive background with fitness applications dating back when they formed a partnership with Nike.

Both companies (Apple and Nike) created a popular sports kit for their iPod family that has a sensor and application that runners can connect to their Nike shoes. The sensors track pertinent information to runners via their iPod devices. IPhonehas taken this task step further, minus the sensors and other tools. Have a look to the following fitness apps ;

1. Daily Ab Workout

If you only need to focus on your mid-section, this program proves comprehensive and convenient. It contains nine workouts that specifically target your obliques, lower-back section and your ab muscles. You can browse miscellaneous pictures, videos and audio trainers in discovering the right way to exercise these regions of your body. You can use timers to improve precision, and to ensure steady progress, logging and information tracking is built into the application.

2. Fitness Builder

This program combines exercises and fitness apps trainers from the PumpOne network that targets your entire body. It offers over four-hundred workouts and thousands of images and videos of exercises in a maximized interface on your iPhone. One nifty feature that “Fitness Builder” offers is the “Workout Builder” that lets you create custom sessions by dragging exercises that you want.

If you find yourself pressed for the time, you can choose the first exercise and the program will recommend the best exercises and work out to be performed. This program is viewed as a “complete package”, with offering logging, tracking and calculators that reveal your heart and BMI rates while exercising. iFitness la fitness app from this developer is the best android fitness app from them in the market.

3. Get Running

Get Running proves a knowledgeable teacher for anyone who desires to run in getting or staying fit. It provides weekly and daily plans suggesting how to start your fitness apps routine. The application provides a vocal coach that helps you maintain a high motivation level while logging your progress.

4. All-in Fitness

All-in Fitness apps provides an exercise database that targets your entire body. Workouts are presented via an interface similar to locating music in your iPhone. Upon opening the program, you can select the scope of your body you want to work out and the program will list available exercises in alphabetical order. Clear steps and images are presented to users which prove beneficial for beginners. Not unlike playlists, you can set your preferences for groups of workouts which help with accessing them easily and quickly. Tracking comes standard with the All-in Fitness apps, and the list of routines includes one that does not require gym equipment.

5. EliteStrengthCoach

EliteStrengthCoach tracks various aspects of strength-training exercises. It provides different exercises that are specifically geared to increase strength. Interested in losing fat and building muscle mass? Seeking to enhance your performance in sports and get to the next level? EliteStrengthCoach full fitness app will help you achieve all of these goals!

6. iWeight Deluxe

On first appearance, iWeight Deluxe appears as a streamlined program that only helps in tracking your weight. This program also logs and presents your progress in a calendar view along with health tips, and direct application of your current weight.  One notable feature it contains is a “gym finder”. This feature will show you where the nearest gym is within your local area. No other iPhone application contains this attribute.


This application displays the Vinyasa flow of yoga poses. You can easily customize your session to be the length you want up to an hour. It contains sixty-positions and has its own audio track that provides details and instructions on any pose you are doing. If you think you are familiar with any-given pose, you can easily turn off the tracks. You can relax with up to six relaxing songs and the yoga positions are presented similar to the iPod silhouette commercials.

8. Calorie Tracker by

Calorie Tracker offers a distinctive tracker that aids with monitoring your calorie intake. This is achieved by connecting to their database that contains over half-a-million food items. The database even includes foods from restaurants. You will find matching values for carbs, protein and fats. Developer from this app planning to release the blackberry fitness app soon. Also this is one of the best fitness app for android available in the market.

9. Restaurant Nutrition

The Restaurant Nutrition can be used in conjunction with the Calorie Tracker software. Restaurant Nutrition has a list of common restaurant chains and provides users with nutritional information on the food served in these restaurants. You can also create your own dieting program that entails restaurant dining. The software can also be used for locating restaurants using the map function. Also available fitness android app.

10. RunKeeper

RunKeeper is a program that users enjoy using for hiking, cycling and any type of endurance activity.It has been closely compared to the Nike sensors, but it is used in conjunction with the iPhone. Instead of distinct sensors, it uses an internal GPS function that computes distances traveled. It displays time, speed and elevation levels. Owners receive personal accounts on their website that reflects information about fitness app activities. They also have android fitness app so you can download that too if you are an android user.

I will soon come up with the post for best fitness app for iPad and fitness android app available in the market to download. Do you know more fitness apps ? Share with us via comments below.

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