How to Write SEO Content that Works: A Basic Guide

There are too few honest writers in the world; even rarer is that special breed of writer who understands what Search Engine Optimization is all about. Yet the two disciplines are two of the most important skills you can learn if you plan on making it big online, whether you need to build up a web presence through SEO or simply want to build up a reputation as a blogger. Get friendly with what is SEO content writing exactly ?

But you don’t have to be a professional SEO content writer or an expert SEO specialist to be able to put out solid SEO content tips that works. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for those newbies who might not know all there is to know about SEO…but are willing to find out.

First Things First: Is SEO Content Truly King?

If you’ve done a little SEO research on your own, then there’s a chance you’ve run across this little jewel of wisdom: “content is king.” But what does it really mean? Is quality SEO content really all you need to consider yourself an effective search engine optimizer? Is that all you need to drive traffic?

Well, the truth is a little bit of both sides: content is indeed one of the main driving forces behind attracting new traffic. After all, no one’s going to go to a web site that’s boring and offers them no value. So you should always be asking yourself “how can I deliver more value to my readers?” That’s priority number one SEO content. But there’s more to the story.

Optimizing Your Site from Top to Bottom

If you have great content in place and no one knows about it, well, it becomes that classic “if a tree falls in a forest…” question. The goal of search engine optimization is, of course, to get you noticed by search engines.

Without at least showing up in a few search queries now and then, there will be little recourse to build up a true, strong following online that’s organic and constantly supplies your site with new readers.

If you want to do that, here’s a basic set of actions for optimizing your site from top to bottom:

  • Have a simple, easy-to-navigate structure. If you’re running WordPress, for example, you can choose a theme that is SEO-friendly – in other words, it has a clean and simple structure and uses words instead of pictures for navigation. You can also optimize your site by making sure some strategically-placed keywords are embedded (not inserted) into your titles, your headlines, and your links.

  • Make sure you do your keyword research. Use tools like Google’s free AdWords tool in order to make sure that you are targeting keywords that are actually being searched for. But don’t aim for anything out of your league just yet – it’s going to be hard to compete for “photography” right away, for example. But “comprehensive digital camera reviews” might be a more appropriate place to start.

Admittedly, you won’t become great at SEO overnight. But if you stick to this guide – making sure you provide value to your readers, do your proper keyword research, and make sure your site is easy to navigate – you stand a chance at making some serious dents in those search engine results and also you can get the SEO content writing jobs on the internet. I hope all above SEO content writing guidelines will help you to better rank in the search engines.

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