Android App Development Tips for Android Application Developers

Android App Development

If we go on a survey, I am sure we will get most of the people using smart phones and not only smart phones, most of the participants will answer the OS their phone is operated upon as ANDROID.

According to an approved survey 71% of the mobile application market is based on android applications and what is the doubt in it, customers will prefer the platform that provides them with customized, good quality and most importantly a wide range of free applications.

Android App Development Tips

Since it is one of the most popular platforms Android Application Development has a great scope in the market. Since android is the most abundantly used platform it must fulfill the demand of its users by providing them effective android applications.

There are a few tips that have always helped android application developers to produce best out of their resources and skills. To list a few of them:

First of all, get yours SQL skills perfect, as android works on SQL database and so to produce a successful android application you must first look upon its basic component that it SQL.

If your application takes a lot of phone memory in use cut it down into smaller one as smaller the application’s allocation memory, higher is the speed of it loading and use.

Work upon the overall image of the application, so that using the application becomes a fascinating experience for the user and so they love to use it again and again, after all a successful app is known as the one which is able to satisfy its users in all aspects.
Do not unnecessary functions and graphics to your application which makes it complex and overloaded. Make it simple and efficient.

Always try to know what your users expect from you application, target the calls of your customers and try to give them the best services. Indulge into the testing of your application vigorously so that you can overcome the expected problems before releasing the application.

Try to select a catchy and unique name for your application, so that it can be easily searched for and is different from all other related applications. Finally do not forget to work upon the feedbacks of the customers that they give after using the application. Always reply them back with positive news of the changes they asked for.

With all this things you will surely be able to end up with a complete package of an efficient and a user friendly application. The prime motive of the developer is to amuse the customer and leave them with no complaints or issues with your product. Android has so far able to get through this thing but constant development and management is also necessary for any type of service.

The above tips are the basic ones, many other tips can be followed which are typical to certain type of applications, such tips you have to make up for your own according to your requirements.

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