Avantree Sacool Stereo Bluetooth Headset – Review

Having a high quality headset is essential part of your  mobiles/mp3 players. A good headset should have the comfort, compactness, robustness, affordability and style to go with your high end electronic devices.


Today we will be reviewing Avantree Sacool Stereo Bluetooth Headset, which offers all these and much more.

This Bluetooth stereo headset from Avantree comes with mic for music and call. It is designed in such a way so that it can allow streaming of music and calls.

This is an innovative Bluetooth headset, which has been designed by the Avantree so that the switch between hands free voice calls and wireless music could be seamless and enjoyable. It is small, compact, lightweight and weighs just 18 grams. The sacools is one of the most compact and unobtrusive Bluetooth headset available in the market today.

Avantree sacool stereo Bluetooth headset comes with micro USB port which allows for charging on the go. This headset has the micro USP port which enables you to charge the headset from any USB supported devices like PC, Laptops or USB mains or car chargers. This adds to the convenience of charging.


This tiny Bluetooth headset can provide the playback time of upto 5 hours. The convenience of charging it offers, ensures that every time when you leave your home, you will have the fully charged headset with you.

It has design which is unique and really comfortable. The ear-buds are safe and headbands between each piece is adjustable. The flexibility to adjust the Avantree Sacool Bluetooth Headset adds to the comfort and secure experience of listening the music.The ear-buds comes in 3 different sized which gives you the freedom to choose the one which suits you best. You can wear the Bluetooth headset comfortable for whole day.

Design wise, Avantree sacool stereo Bluetooth headset is just made for fashion design for commuters. This small ,stylish and lightweight bluetooth headset has contemporary style which has stylish blue color accent. It has clean white aesthetic product color which complement most of the smartphones and music devices.

Listen Music & Answer calls

The biggest USP of  Avantree sacool stereo Bluetooth headset is its ability to seamlessly switch between music and calls. It is designed to allow the freedom when listening the music and it enables the headset to connect with most of the mobile phones, tablets and computers.

This means that you can listen to your music and handle the phone or VOIP calls on the go without having to worry about being tethered to any device.The headset can auto switch between incoming calls and music.

So when you receive a call while listening to the music, it will automatically paused and switch to the calling mode. Once the call is over , music will auto-start.This feature ensures that you will never miss an incoming call ever again.It has the range of 10 meters which is comfortable for daily, practicle use.

Technical Specs

Looking at the technical specifications, this Bluetooth stereo headset has V3.1+EDR. CSR BC05- Multimedia single chip chip-set. It support profiles like headset, hands-free, A2DP, AVRCP.It has the operation range of upto 10 meters or Class 2.


The battery is 100mA rechargeable lithium battery. It gives the talktime of upto 5 hours or music time of upto 5 hours.It has standby time of upto 100 hours.The headset size is  36.2mm x 21.2mm X 29.7mm and weights 18 grams only.


Avantree Sacool Stereo Bluetooth Headset is available for ONLY £26.99 on mobilefun.co.uk in two colors, white and blue. This will work with latest smartphones like Galaxy S4 and HTC One, so if you have HTC One then make sure you have this product in your HTC One accessories.


To summaries, Avantree Sacool Stereo Bluetooth headset comes with mic for music and making call. The sound quality is incredible with thumby beats. The headset is comfortable and secure. It comes in 3 different sized ear buds. The design is compact and styling. With Avantree Sacool Stereo Bluetooth Headset, you will never  miss call and can auto-switch between music and calls.

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