20 Tools to Run Your Business from Anywhere in the World

apps for business

Statistics show that in 2014, almost one-fourth (23% to be precise) of the Americans have worked from home. This finding shouldn’t surprise you as working from home has become a pretty widely adopted option these days.

apps for business

Working from home and having a mobile office have become so easy today primarily because of the advent of the wide array of tools that allow people to run their business from anywhere in the world. Below, we have listed 20 such tools.

Boomerang: This tool will assist you when you are working abroad. When you work abroad, the time zone you are in might not match that of your customers and/or employees. Using Boomerang, you will be able to schedule Gmail emails so that they get sent at times of your choice. Boomerang is compatible to Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

me: It’s a highly efficient screen-sharing and virtual meeting program. If you want to run your business remotely, you must have this software on your system. The best thing about Join.me is that it doesn’t require any subscription or download.

Dropbox: When it comes to storing documents safely in a virtual location, the one name that comes to mind is Dropbox.

Trello: Trello is a tool that allows business owners and project managers to track a project visually from a remote location. Using Trello, you will be able to create tasks, assign them to your employees/team members, drag them from one list to another, and many such other things.

Toggl: Toggle will help you in understanding how you are utilizing your time. In other words, it will help you in tracking your time.

Skype: If you want your business communications to be affordable, use Skype. It will allow you to perform voice-based chats, video chats as well as conventional written message-based chats.

io: This tool you provide you with a targeted Twitter following. It will also make the process of engaging with your Twitter followers much easier for you.

Trade Ability: Trade Ability is a must have tool for all businesses that require moving products. The tool will assist you in estimating moving costs and will inform you about international trading rules and duty fees.

Freemind: This mind-mapping software can be downloaded for free. You can use it to plan your job graphically.

Evernote: Evernote will allow you to store your documents properly. More importantly, it enables users to clip notes from emails and web pages seamlessly.

Infusionsoft: Use this tool to automate your business using customized email chains, funnels and more. Infusionsoft can be best described as a small-business email provider.

Time Trade: Time Trade has been designed for making the process of scheduling easier for business owners who travel a lot or are available sporadically. The tool automatically syncs with Google Calendar and will allow your colleagues and clients to see your availability.

Zendesk: If you run your business from a remote location and want to keep a close eye on the customer service your clients are getting Zendesk is the tool you must have on your system.

PayPal: There’s no other online payment platform that is as convenient as PayPal. You can receive and send money securely without worrying about exchange rates and corrupt banks using this amazing tool.

Pingdom: Pingdom will allow you to monitor your website from a foreign country. You will get to know everything from your website’s average response time to its uptime using this tool.

Prey: Business owners who need to travel a lot should use the software called Prey. It will offer protection against theft by allowing you to keep all your devices secured and find them quickly if stolen.

LogMein: This tool will allow you to get access to your desktop from any corner of the globe.

Buffer: Buffer will allow you to schedule your social media posts on all top social networking platforms. It ensures that you can carry out real-time interactions on social media even if you are in a distant time zone.

Prezi: This software will allow you to create amazing cloud-based presentations. If you make changes, they will be automatically updated across all devices on the cloud.

Freshbooks: It’s an accounting program for small and medium businesses. It will help you track your income, expenses and more.

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