How Mobile Is Your Business?


Mobility has shaped the success of many businesses outside of telecommunications. As new apps are developed on a regular basis, greater functionality can be achieved through the use of smartphones and tablets.


Depending on the type of business you own, it’s feasible to control every aspect of the organization from the device you have in your pocket. One of the more attractive aspects of smart-enabled technology is the fact that users can easily have custom apps created for a reasonable price.

Custom Applications for the Business

Although there may be dozens of applications that could come close to what your business may need, customization through programming is a prospect of which many organizations invest. By having these apps custom designed, you can offer an easy alternative to your employees that could potentially increase productivity.

The most important factor is to develop an interface that is easy to understand and use by your staff. Much like how Charles Phillips created a workspace for software similar to that of social media interaction, an interface that has common elements that people would recognize can be beneficial to the learning process as well as functionality.

Time Sheets and Payroll Apps

Financial information can be accessed from mobile devices allowing managers and owners to view and maintain records regardless of where they are. As long as there is an active Internet connection, you can keep apprised of the finances used by the organization. This can also help keep you aware of employees that are regularly late for work or if a particular division of the company is understaffed.

If you’re a freelance professional, these applications can allow you to bill a client while on location as well as accept credit card payments directly from your smartphone. Some applications will even allow you to process a check from the client by using images taken from your phone.

Bring-Your-Own-Device Platform Assistance

The idea behind bring-your-own-device can save organizations thousands of dollars annually as employees use their own equipment for work. By integrating more mobility through the use of smartphones, you can help these employees save money themselves as a large number of people already utilize these devices. The only real downside to implementing this kind of platform is the apps that are available.

As operating system manufacturers use completely different programming languages, you need to supply working alternatives for various phone types. The chances of your employees sharing the same brand of smartphone may be limited.

Project Management for Greater Efficiency

When it comes to creating greater efficiency in the workplace, project management applications can be a worthwhile investment. Regardless of what kind of business you operate, these types of apps are able to keep people interconnected while monitoring resources and project needs. This allows owners to address problem areas while being informed about the task. As many of these applications include live chatting and direct communications, it can be more productive than using email.

With the right applications and devices, almost any business can operate completely from mobile technology. From the landscaping freelance professional to large-scale corporations, the convenience and efficiency of mobile devices can improve many aspects of the professional world. As this technology continues to develop, additional functionality may enhance business practices even further. Keep your thumb on the pulse of technology, and keep your business ahead of the game.

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