Printing Innovation: A New Generation of Multifunction Devices with Face Recognition

As far as printing technology is concerned, we have heard almost everything from motion sensors to cloud printing. And, this time, Fuji Xerox comes up with a whole new way to surprise the rest of humanity with none other than its new breed of machines that are geared towards user recognition with the use of cameras. As far as technology is concerned, this breakthrough which was developed by Smart WelcomEyes Advance, one of the trademarks of Fuji Xerox, is deemed to be a really good one.

printing innovation

Techies would definitely be curious what makes this new multifunction devices stand out from the rest of the technology in the same industry, here’s a quick peek at what you can expect to see and experience when you are using this new machine:

Zero Waiting Time

Most of the modern devices today go to sleep when they are not in use and this is quite acceptable given the fact that this is a good way to conserve power. However, this can pose problems such as a lag from changing modes from sleep to active. This waking time may not be too long but this can have an overall effect to completing orders in an organization.

It is good to know that Smart WelcomEyes Advance has perfected a technology where there is no need for a waiting time between shifting from sleeping mode to active mode. This is done with the use of cameras that perceives whether a user is on his way to the machine or is just passing by.

Perceiving User Behaviour

One of the best things about the new multifunction device is that is capable of determining whether a user is planning to use the machine. This is made possible with the use of a human detection camera instead of a reflection sensor that is used to track human movement. The device has actually 2 cameras and a pyroelectric sensor with a wide user detection range

All of the sensors have been studied carefully in order to come up with a system that allows the cameras to have a synchronized action with the pyroelectric sensor. The use of the cameras is primarily focused on facial recognition while the sensors are mainly used to determine whether a user is approaching the machine. Cameras also play a role in determining is someone is a probable user depending on the direction in which the person is facing.

Innovations from Prior Multifunction Device models

This new machine is an innovated version of previous models although it has achieved the zero wakeup time and this is quite a feat in the industry. The use of pyroelectric sensors has already been done in older models in order to determine whether there are potential users of the machine. In previous models, reflectors have been used in order to perceive human movement but this new model makes use of cameras. Another big difference is the size of the sensors. The sensors in this new machine have been expanded in order to have a larger coverage.

The coverage increases from 800 to 1,200mm. This way, the sensors also correspond to the larger detection field of the camera, hence, allowing the machine to recover quickly from sleep mode to active mode.

Due to its facial recognition abilities, there is also a screen which is dedicated to such purpose making it easier for a user to know where to position in order to be detected by the camera.

Innovations are quite the thing in printing technology especially where a leader such as Fuji Xerox is concerned. This new machine will bring user experience to a whole new level and make waves in the printing industry.

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