How to Find Free Ebooks

Find Free Ebooks with the tips I have shared here. Ebooks have changed the way people read radically. It used to be that bulky books made of paper were set aside because of the inconvenience of carrying them around. Now, people can carry hundreds of books in one small portable electronic device, thanks to ebook readers. Don’t get me wrong – I still love the feel and smell of books made of paper.

There is something to be said about the convenience that ebooks offer, though, and I am not one to say no to that. That being said, there are also more ways to get your hands on lots of ebooks for free. Yes, for free. While many titles are priced decently, nothing compares to getting quality books for zilch. Here are ways you can find f ree ebooks without paying a single cent.

1. Project Gutenberg

This is perhaps the most popular site where you can find ebooks for free. Project Gutenberg has been around for what seems like forever, and it has more than 38,000 titles available. You can also find documents to read online or download. If it’s the classics that get you reading way into the night, Project Gutenberg is the site for you. Take note, while everything is for free, you might want to donate whatever amount you can to the project. It does take time, money, and effort to maintain such a vast collection!

2. ManyBooks

Another great site to find free ebooks is ManyBooks. This site is very similar to Project Gutenberg, with one difference: it provides more in terms of aesthetics. If you are particular about elements such as interface and cover art, then you will probably prefer ManyBooks over the previous site.

3. Amazon

Sure, Amazon has countless ebooks for sale at all sorts of prices, but did you know that they also have free ebooks? I actually got a really good ebook recently without having to pay anything. You have two choices. First, you can visit the Public Domain Section. Just type in “public domain” in the Kindle store, and you will have thousands of free ebooks at your disposal. I have to say that you will probably find these in the first two sites I mentioned.

If you have a Kindle, or a Kindle app, and that’s what you mainly use, though, then this section is the easiest way to find free ebooks. Second, check the Kindle store’s Limited-Time Offers section. As you may have guessed, this section offers ebooks, which normally sell for a specific price, for free. You never know what you may discover. You do not have to pay an arm and leg to build a nice collection of ebooks, whatever reader you may be using. Sure, you will have to pay for specific titles that you really want, but with a little searching, you can quickly expand your collection without spending a lot.

Also you can search free ebooks to download from the too many available options like free computer ebooks, free medical eBooks, find free ebooks for laputa, free Ebooks Engineering and free Ebooks library on Free ebooks sites. I hope above site will help you guys to find free eBooks online, if you know more way to download free ebooks then share with us via comments below.

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