Adwords Or Organic : Is Paying For Traffic Wise When You Can Get It For Free?

I’ve had success using both adwords for paid search engine traffic as well as getting free organic traffic. But where is your time better spent, cultivating organic traffic over time or the instant gratification of paid search traffic?


If you’re scared to death of losing money with Adwords, you shouldn’t be. Can you lose money? Absolutley! Will you lose money? In the beginning, I can just about guarantee it.

Then why on earth would you want to start an Adwords campaign?

Because you can get tons of cheap traffic from Adwords. With a properly optimized campaign you can actually pay less for an ad in the number 1 position than the guy that is paying for his ad in the number 2 position. Don’t let naysayers scare you away! When done right, it’s cheaper than you might imagine.



What about organic traffic? It’s free right, so why should you have to pay for traffic when you can get it for free?

That’s true. Organic traffic is free and it’s a great source for getting traffic to your website. I wouldn’t dream of creating a website without doing proper on-page and off-page seo to get as much free search traffic as possible.

If you’re in position 1 or 2 of the organic listings you’ll get way more clicks to your website than most ever will with an Adwords campaign.

Why Consider Adwords If Organic Is So Great?

You can’t rely on organic web traffic over the long haul. The search engines are making it harder and harder to rank, even for niche and micro niche web pages. Can you do it? Of course you can. But there are no guarantees.

You can go from ranking in position one to position seven overnight. If that happens your business and perfect profit margin goes kablooey!

The Solution

If you are already making money with one web traffic solution, start learning the other. Keep focusing 80% of your time on where you are already having success but devote the other 20% to learning something new.

This way you are insulated against organic ranking fluctuations while still taking full advantage of the tons of free traffic it can drive you.

Don’t Enter New Traffic Sources Blindly

Forget about all these teeny tiny little tips that you read about on the internet. You need to cut through all the crap out there on the internet that you’ve been reading in the search engines, and pony up a few dollars to learn the ropes before diving in head first.

The $70 or so investment will pale in comparison to the amount of money you can throw away with a poorly executed Adwords campaign, or an ineffective seo campaign.

Stick to the big names when choosing a product to learn SEO or PPC.

An SEO And Adwords Teacher That Won’t Dissapoint

I’ve recently read Danny Dover’s book, “Search Engine Optimization Secrets” and found it to be a treasure. It’s the only book you’ll need. Perry Marshall is a legend in the PPC field. To learn proper Adwords account optimization, check out his products.

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