How to Format eCommerce Emails Perfectly


eCommerce is the modern preferred method of doing business and its success is determined by the expertise used in spreading the name of the business and brand with the aid of internet marketing tools. Emails, once used for quick communications have been found to be a highly successful tool promoting your offers. But emails are not as easy as commonly perceived since they have to be framed right and optimizing them is not easy. Tips are available on dozens of sites and the eCommerce business owner may be spoil for choice and definitely confused about which tips to follow.


An email may eventually read as something entirely different from what it was sent as, and simply not serving the purpose it was supposed to. The following tips may actually help in framing the perfect email:

  • Simplicity- Emails must always be simple. Short, plain and simple in design, content and layout, are the best. The more complex and ornate in words and themes, the more likely they are to be ignored. Also simple mails will look the same irrespective of the web browsers used or even the reading devices-which could be a mobile phone, laptop, tablet computer or a desktop.
  • Small images balanced with text- If email browsers turn off images, an eCommerce email can have a problem especially if the image is the main focus in the mail. The solution then lies in ensuring that the image is not the main point of focus and an equal amount of text substantiates smaller images.
  • Shorter emails with teaser content to tempt readers towards the website- Emails must have a brief outline about the main content. The main content must be on the website and the outline or teaser content is meant to be a preview which is interesting enough to force the reader to go to the website to read the entire article. While on the website he will end up reading more and getting to know about products and services, new launches and so on.
  • Use links for decisive action- The email can have links to related products on your website, which connect to the email content. While seeing the products, more links can be provided to take action like “buy”, or “see more” and so on.
  • Emails must be easy to comprehend-irrespective of the device used to read an email-phone or computer, all mails can be made easy by:
    • Keeping them short
    • Easy language
    • Bullet points
    • Important points highlighted
    • Small paragraphs
    • Proper formatting for identical appearance on all devices

Emails that are long, complicated, and too detailed lose their significance to impact as an eCommerce marketing tool. Use these tips and reap the benefits and unleash the potential of emails.

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