Tips on How to Make your iDevice work Longer Under iOS 6

iPhone 5 ios 6

After some testing of a new iPhone 5 on iOS 6 it can be said that in general, taking into consideration bigger display, more powerful processor and LTE support, the device works for quite a long time. With Wi-Fi on, display brightness set at 50% and periodical Internet surfing iPhone 5 will work from dawn till dusk. Even after heavy use the smartphone has around 30% of battery in the evening.

iPhone 5 ios 6

The thing is that iPhone 4 and 4S work longer after the same intensity of use as that for iPhone 5. But some developers say that after the release of iOS 7 you will remember the working time of the devices under iOS 6 with awe.

Nevertheless, here’re 10 simple but at the same time useful tips on how to make your device work longer under iOS 6.

Lessen the display brightness

That is the simplest way to increase the working time of your battery. It won’t influence your experience while working with the device unless you work under the sun. to do that, go to the “Settings” → “Brightness and wallpapers”.

Turn off background apps

While most of the background apps don’t consume much of a battery, there’re some apps that drain the battery even when the device is in a stand-by mode, for example, navigation services that use GPS module.

In order to turn off a background app you need to click twice on the main button. After that in the multitasking panel that opened you need to click on one of the apps and to hold it for a couple of seconds. When the apps begin to tremble and the “minus” sign appear you may turn off the programs you don’t need. Thus, you may control the apps and their influence on battery performance.

Software updates

Updating your software is a good way to protect your battery. Very often the apps that were written for the previous iOS versions are updated by the developers and optimized for the latest iOS versions. And the developers are also interested in the lower battery consumption of their apps. That’s why it makes sense regularly check the updates. To do that launch App Store, choose “Updates” option from the menu and press “Update all”.

Lockup screen

The recommended time for locking up the screen is 1-2 minutes. It’s another great tip that will help you to make your iPhone work longer from one charge. But it’s not only energy saving option. Such a short time after which the display will be locked provides better security from the curious eyes, especially if you’re in a public place. In order to set lock-up time you need to go to “Settings” → “Main” → “Autolocking”.

Turn off radio modules

It’s a well-known fact that wireless modules are the main consumers of battery. That’s why if you plan to use your iPhone for quite a long time without recharging you need to turn them off. In order to turn off Wi-Fi go to “Settings” → “Wi-Fi”, for turning off 3G module go to “Settings” → “Main” → “Network”, and for Bluetooth → “Settings” → “Main” → “Bluetooth”.

Flight mode

The simplest way to switch off all the working network modules is to turn on Flight mode. To do that go to “Settings” → “Flight mode”. It is also important that in this mode Wi-Fi and Bluetooth may work selectively.

Geolocation services

Geolocation service is a type of information and entertaining services that are based on detection of current location of a user’s mobile device. These services were paid a lot of attention in iOS 5, and in iOS 6 level put them on a new level. But the thing is that these services trace your phone’s location with the help of power-consuming GPS or Wi-Fi modules.

That’s why if you turn these services off, you’ll increase the life of your iPhone’s or iPad’s battery. It’s also worth noting that the more geolocation services are on, the more power they consume. To turn them off go to “Settings” → “Privacy” → “Geolocation”, where you ,may turn off all the services or only some of them.

In the “Geolocation” menu there’s a hidden menu “System services” which is at the bottom of the page. Here you also turn off some iOS services, for example, “Compass calibration”, “Genius for programs”, “Time zone”.


Updated Notification Center of iOS 6 offers you better notification services, but again, it requires more energy from the battery. If you want to optimize the use of your battery by the Notification Center, then go to the “Settings” → “Notifications” and manually, by clicking on every application, turn off the ones you don’t want to get notifications from.

Finally, in the menu “Settings” → “Notifications” → “Notifications style” in the last option choose “No”, and notifications from the apps won’t appear on your iPhone’s display.

Turn off diagnostics

Diagnostics is another potential but unnecessary consumer of battery which can be turned off. Go to the menu “System services” and turn off “Data use and diagnostics” by choosing “Do not send”. This option is considered to send the data about your use and experience of the device to Apple.

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