Must iPhone Apps to Have While Driving

Some people simply can’t navigate the roadways without their Blackberry, Android, or iPhone apps in town. Fortunately, many of the applications are designed with the driver’s safety in mind. That’s because most apps feature GPS functions and voice-read instructions, all which keep the driver centered more on driving than on using the phone. So, whether you want to save money on gas or avoid a speeding ticket, you’ll want to take note of the following iPhone apps.

Slow Down

My Max Speed 2.0 is an app that records the speed you are driving and pinpoints your location. This data is then exported to a spreadsheet for later review. If you are ever ticketed for speeding then, you’ll have proof of how fast you were traveling if you want to dispute the charge. This application is also a good way for you to monitor your teen’s driving habits too. Speedometer Speed Box is another useful smartphone app that helps keep you on the straight and narrow and out of any speeding trouble with the police as well.

Save Money at the Pump

A smartphone app that carries a lot of weight with consumers who want to save money at the gas pump is the iGasUp app. Because most people today are seeking a way to reduce the amount they are paying for gas, this app, which is designed for the iPhone, is a great way to ensure that you are paying the lowest possible price. The app provides gas station locations and pricing, thereby keeping the focus on saving at the pump.

You can save on gas consumption by making use of the TripAlyzer application too, which reviews the routes you take and your overall driving pattern so you can get better gas mileage. Information is conveyed after you provide the amount of gas in your tank and odometer reading. Another app, AccuFuel, also gives you a good idea of your gasoline spending – exceptionally useful if you have more than one car.

Stay Safe while Driving with iPhone apps

For the ultimate in safe driving, you’ll like the features of the Trapster app. The smartphone application gives you notice of locations where speed cameras and similar devices are installed as well as areas that are designated speed traps. Voice alerts, through the app, warn of safety hazards caused by road construction and vehicular accidents.

Review your Travels

Speed tracker is another must-have app for drivers. The app combines a trip computer and GPS speedometer to handily give you travel statistics, such as the speed you are driving, how many miles you’ve covered, the time it takes you to reach where you are going, how much time  is spent stopped during your journey, and your average speed. It also provides navigational support as well. Share your information with social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook or by way of email.

Drive with Less Hassle

Driving today can be made less of a hassle, thanks to the above iPhone apps. Just make sure you use your smartphone responsibly. Otherwise, you’ll defeat the whole purpose of adding these apps at all.

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