Easy To Use Side By Side Tips Of Precaution

Safety tips

Typically used as one-to-four passenger vehicles ridden in rugged terrain, side by sides are rapidly gaining in popularity in many places. Because of their adventurous risk taking nature, prudence dictates that certain precautions be taken as riders on these four-wheel drive buggies embark on spectacular journeys through back trails during winter and/or summer months.

Safety tips

Let’s see how these easy tips of advice can help make this exciting sport a safe one for all involved.

Winter Clothing

This season of the year calls for warm, cold resistant clothing and perhaps an extra pair of said garb for oneself or other riders. Icy winter storms can suddenly descend with temperatures dropping way down below what was initially forecast.

Extra wool socks and/or booties, heavy underwear, insulated leather gloves and woolen blankets are basic ware during these excursions, so be properly prepared for this kind of weather.


Taking along snacks and candy bars is a must riding in side by sides during the winter. Not anticipating to get bogged down in the snow is no excuse, so be sure to load up with extra snacks and filtered water bottles.

Communication Equipment

Taking extra cell phones and battery chargers is essential. Giving others left behind in base camp the approximate plan as to your path and destination goes a long way in a rescue attempt, so let others know where you plan to go.

Miscellaneous Supplies

If medical supplies are needed, then by all means take them. A First Aid kit should be foremost on your list of “must do” items. Plastic bags to help store wet clothing and items such as batteries and matches is also in order during these side by side treks. Likewise, winter months can get awfully dark, so be certain to take along that trusty flashlight or trail lamp along with a set of extra batteries.


With a little variation, riding in a side by side during the summer calls for basically the same tips as during the winter months; however, there is a difference in some respects.

Miscellaneous Supplies

Any packing away of miscellaneous items calls for insect repellent spray along with some sunscreen lotion. You’ll use plenty for bugs, so don’t forget to take these with you.


Having both light weight shorts, preferably cargo shorts, during the day and long pants for the evening hours is advisable. In regards to shirts, both short sleeves and long sleeve shirts are warranted especially where mosquitoes and other air-borne critters are concerned.

A cap or full brim hat goes a long way during exposure to the hot summer months; moreover, if it has a material flap that falls down in the back to protect the back of your neck, all the better.

That said, by visiting any of the fine sites on the Internet you’ll better educate yourself on how to prepare yourself for this ride of a life time in your side by side buggy.

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