Rosehosting Review : Nothing Like Anything

Rosehosting has been in competition for a decade now. Starting in the year 2001 , they have been growing slowly but steadily. In the past years, they have astonished their customers with their quality and reliability.


In fact you would be surprised to know that they were the first web hosting company in the world to offer commercial Linux VPS hosting! This in fact is a proven trademark of the company and the trustworthiness they hold.

What makes RoseHosting So different from the rest?

Unlike other high profile hosting companies which scam the users with their worthless and cheap quality service ,Rose hosting has emerged to be extremely concerned on quality. They have provided Excellent web hosting ,especially Linux VPS Hosting in the past few years. They have evolved and now they are serving their customers top quality hosting and services.

Their hosting support is also appreciable. I had been a frequent player of waiting in support queues for hours and being left with no answers from the support staff. It is something I personally hate. And nobody in the world would like to waste their scarce time waiting for something that doesn’t guarantee a satisfactory response.

But talking about  the support of , I would say it has been the best that I have ever experienced. Not just that you don’t have to wait hours in queue , their support staff are also highly graced in the technical side and they are thirsty’ to assist with your problems.

Why Go for RoseHosting ?

From my personal experience I could say that nothing in the world come completely flawless. But we say things are great when their positives outweigh their silly negatives. And I must say , RoseHosting has done a good job in this regard.

Features –

  • Completely Linux based -Rosehosting offers hosting exclusively on Linux! Linux has proven to be the best among servers. A Linux has been the best against Malicious threats. So Only Linux hosting means that your data is served safe and the security is not compromised ever
  • 24×7 Technical support-Rose hosting has a team of highly skilled and talented Linux Developers that are all set to take you through anything. They are striving their level’s best to solve even the minor glitch that you may encounter..
  • Custom Linux VPS– This in fact is the best thing a customer would ever want. Custom VPS that can be customized according to your needs.And how many hosting companies provide you the same, I wonder! I believe this is a strong factor that adds an extra feather to their crown.

Linux VPS Hosting- A Feather in the Crown

Having said that they are the first company to ever offer the world custom Linux VPS hosting, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that they are in the top 5 Linux VPS Hosters.! There is insufficiently sufficient reason why you should chose Linux VPS hosting.

They give full root access to the virtual servers and you have got every right and freedom to install anything as per your wish on these Linux platforms. They also have a resources dedicated for Linux hosting that include sufficient RAM ,CPU and other HDD Resources.You will never regret hosting experience with them

Pricing and Specs



So if you are looking for a Linux VPS Hosting then is the best option for you. Because their service and support is astonishing.

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