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Decoder Glasses

The 21st century has seen a myriad of technological advances that provide our modern day culture with fantastic solutions to help us manage our everyday lives.

From the explosion of smart phones and androids on to the market, complete with apps that can control everything from our home temperatures to our bank finances, to the ever decreasing size and depth of smart television and computer screens, consumer demands keep manufacturers very busy and boy, do we consumers love to see a new gadget!

Many gadgets aim to make our lives simpler. However, not all technology need be super practical, and inventors are constantly pushing boundaries to provide us with technology solutions that will amaze and astound us, and whether their latest gadget is functional or not, we know that once we have seen it, we simply have to have it!

Take the awesome Decoder Glasses. These truly spectacular spectacles look like they are straight out of a Bond movie and allow users to visit foreign countries and have their chosen language displayed over the top of the material they are reading using augmented reality.

Decoder Glasses

The character recognition technology built into these glasses allow visitors to read menus, newspapers and much more without the hassle of learning the local language and can prevent embarrassing mix ups. Next time you decide to travel abroad there is no need to reach for your local tour guide, fulfill your inner spy fantasies and pick up a pair of Decoder glasses!

Another company that has seen huge leaps forward in its cutting edge technology is Microsoft in developing software to help deaf and hearing people communicate. New languages can be particularly tricky to master, and none more so than sign language between a deaf and hearing person, as the language and sentence structure between the two are vastly different and not always correctly received when directly translated.

Forward thinking developers have created the fantastic Microsoft Kinect software to resolve this issue. The intuitive software will translate sign language from a deaf person into text and typed text from a hearing person into sign language allowing a two way conversation via a computer which will revolutionise the communication of so many deaf and hearing people across the globe.

Microsoft Kinect

The world of mobile phones and tablets is constantly changing, with manufacturers working endlessly to create the next best thing for its customers, and thanks to ever increasing workloads and mobile data usage, consumers demand the most powerful and most advanced technology available in the smallest of devices.

Pushing the size of mobile phones to the absolute limit are the minute Key Fob Phones. These small mobile phones are almost exact replicas of branded key fobs that are used to remotely lock and/or start the ignition of modern day cars.

Although they have minimal functionality in that they can only send and receive calls or texts, their infinitesimal size of these mobile phones makes them the perfect gadget accessory for your keyring and a must have for any tech enthusiast.

Of course, these don’t replace your regular smart phone. You can use your smart phone to send emails and use apps whilst the key fob acts as an emergency device.

You might want to ensure you have the right data plan (take sites like who can help you get a plan that suits your usage) so you can download and use lazy-person apps all the time and even on the go or in places with remote connection. Take the app that runs your bath for you as an example.

So what will your next cool gadget be? Forget the practicality of some of the technology emerging in the UK market, some gadgets are just a must-show-off-to-my-friends essential!

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