5 Smartphone Apps to Help you Manage your Budget

Many of us understand just how valuable Smartphone Apps can be – they entertain us, help us find new restaurants, and help us connect with friends and family. Indeed, Apps can be a boon to anyone who wants to make their life simpler, stronger, and easier to manage. But what about managing something complicated – and important? Something like…money? Surely the same type of mobile Apps that have us throwing Angry Birds aren’t capable of providing the same level of sophistication that we’re used to in the non-mobile world.

Well, if that’s the way you’re thinking, it’s time to change your paradigm: let’s take a look at a few ways that you can better manage your budget and meet that ultimate goal of getting out of debt by using some simple mobile Apps you can take with you anywhere you go.

1. PocketMoney

Costing $4.99, you’ll find that this App is well worth the investment because it’s capable of doing so much while taking up so little space in your pocket. Essentially, PocketMoney is a tracker of all your money accounts, letting you know exactly how much money you have to spend. This can be a Godsend when you’re wondering whether or not to break your budgets and splurge for that shirt at the mall or that desert at the restaurant. As the old saying goes, what gets measured gets managed – PocketMoney does both. Available for both iPhone and Android phones.

2. Pennies

An expense tracker that costs only $2.99 to acquire, “Pennies” is a great way of sticking to a budget because it lets you easily track all of your expenditures throughout the day. You can categorize your gas and food spending while out to the grocery store and gas station, for example – but chances are you’ll find yourself better sticking to a budget now that you’re tracking your expenses.

3. My Coupons

A great Android-ready Application for a mobile phone that helps you save money on your regular purchases, My Coupons is a great way to get conscious about saving money on what you do need to keep spending on. That includes everything from food to entertainment, for example, but we’re willing to bet you can find a coupon for just about anything under the sun.

4. ShopSavvy

Speaking of reducing your overall expenditure, ShopSavvy is a great way to make sure that you’re saving all you can save even when you want to splurge on something. You can bring out your Android and simply look up an item you’re thinking about purchasing – ShopSavvy will help you explore whether or not there is another place nearby that sells the same product for less. Now there’s a free market in action! Available for both iOS and Android.

5. Loot

If you want an electronic checkbook on your Android, Loot is the mobile App for you. Quite simply, it does all the tracking you’ll ever need done by staying securely connected to your financial accounts and giving you live statistics about how much money you really have. There’s no greater incentive to greater wealth management than knowing where you stand – and where you need to go to manage your money and stay out of debt.

If you know more Smartphone Apps better than the above list, share with us via comments below.

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