How to Make Money with Apps

Make Money with Apps and enjoy. Apps are one of the best things about smartphones. Games, utilities and other fun programs help you kill time, meet people and make your life easier. But did you know that they can also help you make money?

There are lots of apps out there that offer users opportunities to win cash, gift certificates and redeemable points. For those of you interested in making money with apps, here are some of the best ones to use.


The Jingit app is one of the most enjoyable ways to earn passive income. If you are a user who is 18 years old, you can earn money by watching videos. Seriously. Just sign up and watch the commercials listed on the app. Once you’re done watching, click the button at the end of the video. The money you earn will be deposited on a Jingit-provided Visa card.

You can also earn money on Jingit by getting out of the house. If you check in to certain locations dictated by Jingit, you can earn money just as you can by watching commercials. The payments are relatively small — 50 cents or so per visit or commercial — and there is a weekly earning cap. But, you’re essentially getting free money every week.


WeReward is a cell phone app that pays users for visits to stores. The app works on a point system. Each point is worth a penny. When you check into a store, you can earn anywhere from a few to 200 points depending on the store.

You can also earn points for a little product placement. Sometimes the app will ask you to take a picture of a specific product in a specific place. Or you may be asked to take a picture of yourself and your friends with the product in hand. All of those are worth points. Once you earn 10,000 points on WeReward you can request a PayPal payment.


The CheckPoints app doesn’t give users actual dollars, but there’s plenty of opportunity to earn. Users browse the app for stores and products. Once they check into the listed store and scan the products, they earn points. Those points can be redeemed for gift certificates to stores and restaurants, airline miles and charitable donations.

Field Agent

The Field Agent app is a fun way to earn a considerable amount of money. App users act as spies or field agents for major corporations. As field agents they pick listed assignments that ask them to fill out surveys or visit stores and take pictures of storefronts, displays and stocked items to make sure individual chains are in compliance with the parent company’s requests. The amount that each job pays is listed on the job so you can see how much you can earn before you click. Some enterprising users claim they can make up to $100 in a matter of hours.


This app pays you for liking Facebook pages, recommending products and places, asking for product recommendations and shopping. Each activity earns you a certain amount of points, depending on the activity. Those points can be redeemed in gift cards. Each hundred points is worth a dollar in gift cards and you can cash out at $5 increments once you have $15 worth of points racked up.


Unlike the other money making apps, Seed requires a talent (or at least an affinity) for writing and photography. Users snap photos of breaking news in their area and add a brief summary. Writers then submit those photos and summaries to seed. If accepted, they can earn a payment that varies depending on the value of the picture.

There are lots of ways to make money with apps. Sign up for several money making apps and your phone may even begin to pay for itself.

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