Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

Videocam Illusion Pro

Here are some of our favorite Video Editing Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. As we all know that there are lots of great video editing iPhone apps in the iTunes store, android apps on play store and from the apps which make your videos turn to old 70′s or modern, too difficult to choose the best apps. But I have made it simple for you guys, have a look to the following list.

1. Action Movie FX

iPhone : There are plenty of apps that allow you to modify still photos taken with your mobile, but few for video. An exception is Action Movie FX, which promises to add “Hollywood special effects” to your videos. It’s no idle boast, as the app was made by the production company of JJ Abrams, director of Star Trek.

Use it to shoot a video then select an effect — a missile attack and a falling car are supplied; others cost 85c a pair — and choose how and when to position it. So a boring monologue can be curtailed by a huge explosion, or a street enlivened by a people carrier dropping out of the sky. With practice you can make a realistic-looking clip to email or post on Facebook. One of the best Video Editing Apps.

2. iSupr8


iPhone, iPad : Instagram, which makes photos look as if they had been taken by a Box Brownie, has been a huge hit for the iPhone. iSupr8 aims to do the same for video, by modifying footage to make it jumpy, grainy, weirdly coloured and speckled with hairs and dust — just as if it had been taken on an ageing Super 8 film camera.

The results give an authentic, Zapruder-like look to your clips and, unlike Action Movie FX, it allows you to apply the effects to existing footage stored on your phone or tablet and upload clips to Twitter.

3. Videocam Illusion Pro

Videocam Illusion Pro

iPhone, Android : Most video processing apps work on footage only after you’ve shot it. Not so Videocam Illusion, which shows you what it’s doing as you film. Choose from five special effects, such as “light tunnel”, which makes it look like you’re speeding, and six filters — one of which, “pencil” mode, is jawdropping, taking what the camera is seeing and applying a hand-drawn look to it.

Some users report that the saved footage can turn out to be juddery due to dropped frames, but our powerful dual-core Motorola Razr phone, running on Android, had no such problem. A free version has annoying ads and not quite so many features.

4. Coach’s Eye

iPhone : Here’s a clever idea. Take some video with this app and you can replay it, slow down the frame rate — or freeze it altogether — then use the tools provided to draw on top of the footage and write notes too. You can then email the annotated video, or upload it to YouTube. It’s meant as a coaching tool for athletes, golfers and the like, but would be fun for everyone — although the price might put off casual purchasers.

If you know more Video Editing Apps better than this then share with us via comments below.

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