Top 5 iPhone Apps to Send Text Message Online

Send Text Message Online

Here are some iPhone apps which are useful to send Send Text Message Online. In the modern era of top class gadgets, the process of getting connected to each other is becoming more and more effortless. In the world of gadgets for phones, iPhone is undoubtedly the best smart phone in the market that supports thousands of apps, making your experience of using mobile phones to a new high.

Send Text Message Online

Now, one of the famous ways by which you can get connected to your friends and family by not spending too much with the help of your phone is by sending text messages. Now, there are different message packs available from different service providers of your mobile connection, but, if you are willing to enjoy sending unlimited messages anytime, from anywhere, then you must be looking for online text messaging options. Now, in this case, if you own an iPhone, then you have a lot of apps to choose from by which you can send text messages easily.

However, you should pick the top 5 iPhone apps to send text message online to help you out. These apps are easy to use, simple to install and provide support to send messages to various network connections. Here are those top 5 iPhone apps to send text message online

1. SendHub

This application helps you to send texts and allows you to make calls to anyone over the whole world. It is not free, but the cost of getting the option of sending unlimited messages is ranging from just $100 US to $1,500 US per year. It allows group messaging and all the messages will be delivered to the targeted person without any fail.

2. TextPlus

This mobile application is completely free for your iPhone. This app enables you to send sms to any mobile number of USA. You can send sms to groups with this software.

3. Skebby

It is world’s first iPhone text messaging app from online. You can send messages to any smart phone holder with this app if you signed up yourself with the registration charges in their website.

4. TextFree Unlimited

This app is also completely free for all. However, you will need a Wi-Fi connection to build up its network. You can send free messages to any U.S. number with this app.

5. TextMe

This iPhone app is free for everyone’s use. It works on the data plan of your browser and it is for smart phone to smart phone messaging service only.

I know there are lots of iPhone apps are available on the iTunes to send text message online, Do you know the best of them? Share with us via comments below.

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