Love To Shop? Here’s The Best Apps For Deals, Steals And Meals

You’re ready to admit it – you’re a bit of a shopaholic. Whether your thing is designer clothes or cookware, everyone loves a bargain. Luckily, your days of clipping coupons are over. There’s a way more enjoyable way to shop, virtually through the comfort of your own smartphone. If you love to hunt for deals, several shopping apps available for your Nexus phone can help.


If you’ve ever struggled choosing between two items, the app ShopAdvisor can make comparison pricing a whole lot easier. Enter the name of the item into the search bar and you’ll be able to see its entire history of pricing. You can also see how it’s priced on a variety of online retailers.


By setting up a “price alert,” you can also be notified if it ever decreases in value. While this is especially handy for big-ticket items like appliances and electronics, for any girl who has ever lusted after a Marc Jacobs handbag it can also save you valuable time and heartache.


Shopkick is another Android-friendly shopping app that helps you generate rewards and discounts at your favourite stores. Whether you’re shopping online or at the mall, simply open the app and scan in the items that you are purchasing at stores supported by the company.


You’ll eventually accumulate points for significant discounts. For bonus discounts, link your credit cards to the app for deals on in-store purchases.


Lastly, Groupon hearkens back to the old days of coupon clipping but with a digital edge. This company works with pre-existing businesses to create significant deals on new restaurants, vacation getaways, spa packages, sporting events and more. Simply let the app know what sort of items you’re interested in and you will be notified of upcoming discounts. Act on them fast since they are limited and link up your credit card information for fast acting purchases.

Online shopping is the convenient way to explore your options quickly through the convenience of your own phone. If you haven’t already invested in trend-setting protection for your Android phone, consider purchasing a smartphone skin. These stylish protective coverings fit your phone to the millimeter and are crafted from high-end 3M vinyl.

They create an airtight barrier against accumulated dust, dirt and liquid spills. The coolest products are made in trendy, attention-getting designs and colours through online retailers at the forefront of great design.


For anyone looking for a durable and long lasting cover for their Nexus 6, they should check out dbrand’s Nexus skins. This online retailer is known as the “boss of vinyl skins” and specializes in stylish Android protection to fit all the newest models. A quick search on the dbrand shop shows chic coverings in styles that vary from red carbon fiber to matte black leather to faux wood paneling. They are made to last and will turn any Nexus phone into a stylish accessory in its own right.

They say that when the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping. Whether you love to shop for stress relief or necessity, there’s so much pleasure to be found in bargain hunting. Protect your phone first with an affordable smartphone skin. Let’s make a deal, okay?

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