5 Free Shopping Apps to Save Money on the Styles You Love

free shopping apps

Here are 5 free shopping apps. In the original Jurassic Park, to explain how the seemingly impossible happens in nature, Dr. Ian Malcolm says, “…I’m simply saying that life, uh… finds a way.”

free shopping apps

It’s the same with smartphone app developers. They have found ways to do everything, and it’s no more evident than in the excellent shopping apps that are available to us today. They come with a wide range of “bells and whistle” and focus on different aspects of the shopping experience.

Here we look at five shopping apps that will save you money on the styles you love.

1. Best Decision

Do you enjoy shopping with your friends? It’s great. They offer advice and when you buy outfits that your friends love, you know you’re going to love them too. This app allows you to consult your BFFs via Facebook when they can’t be at the store with you, so you know you’ll be making the best decision. Scan the barcode, get comparison pricing at both online and local stores, and even make purchases from within the free iOS app.

2. RedLaser

This is one of the original barcode scanning, price comparing apps for smartphones and as PC Magazine wrote, “Overtime, the app has only improved….” It’s free for both iOS and Android devices as well as for Windows phones. Its scanning technology can deal with all the major retail barcodes, but it also has built-in voice recognition. When you’re trying to find the best price, RedLaser has a database of hundreds of retailers. Are you a big reader? The app will even check out books at the library.

3. Coupon Sherpa

Working my way through any store with a fistful of coupons is a nightmare. I try to stuff the ones I’ve used in one pocket and the ones I’m saving for later in an envelope and eventually they all end up on the floor. With this app you can load up your iPhone or Android phone will all kinds of excellent coupons. And, it’s not just for groceries. Coupons at stores like Belk, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, bebe, J. Crew, Izod, Lane Bryant and more are available. Further, using your phone’s GPS technology, the app can find coupons at nearby stores—that puts a whole new spin on the idea of “roaming charges.”

4. Amazon Mobile Apps

Amazon’s competitors screamed bloody murder when the Internet retailing giant released this app for iOS and Android devices. You can scan the barcode, snap a picture or type in the name of the item that you want prices on. It goes through Amazon’s catalog and also checks with other retailers for the best prices. If you’re a regular Amazon customer you can use your 1-Click ordering. Your wish lists are supported and you can use the app to track your packages.

5. eBay

If you’re looking to buy something, there’s some one on eBay looking to sell it. This mobile app will bring you folks together. Everything from used bicycles to the latest fashions are being sold on eBay and sometimes the deals can be fantastic. Make bids on auction items or buy merchandise straightaway using the “buy it now” feature. Hint: when you’re interested in something, used the advanced search feature to search “completed auctions” and see what kind of prices your item actually commanded in the past.

We know that smart buyers always get the best deals and with these five free shopping apps you can count yourself among the smartest of all buyers.

Do you know more Free Shopping Apps for iPhone or Free Shopping Apps for Android then do share with us via comments below. I will soon come up with the post which will feature Best Shopping Comparison Apps.

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