Show Adsense in Middle of Post

Today I will show you how to implement content around Adsense ads or implement adsense in the middle of posts in Blogger.First you should know the advantages of this hack.*More clicks will be generated *It will increase your CTR rate *Your earnings will increase

Any how, it is very easy to implement this hack in your blogger template.You have to follow just few easy steps.So, don’t wait and follow the below steps to boost your Adsense earnings!

Note that the below hack work only in Beta Blogger.If you wanna it in Classic blogger, then contact me.

Just Follow the Below Steps for this hack:

First you have to login into your Blogger account & Go to Layout>>Edit HTML.
Now check the “Expand Widget Templates” box.Now search for this <data:post.body/> tag in template.

Now replace the above code (Tag) with the code given below:

<div expr:id='”aim1″ +’></div>

<div style=”clear:both; margin:10px 0″>

<!– Your AdSense code here –>


<div expr:id='”aim2″ +’>



<script type=”text/javascript”>
var obj0=document.getElementById(“aim1<>”);
var obj1=document.getElementById(“aim2<>”);
var s=obj1.innerHTML;
var t=s.substr(0,s.length/2);
var r=t.lastIndexOf(” “);
if(r>0) {obj0.innerHTML=s.substr(0,r);obj1.innerHTML=s.substr(r+1);}

Now replace <!– Your AdSense code here –> with your desired adsense code.Note that when you add the Adsense code, you must Encode it with Encoder.

Now, when you see your posts, you will see Adsense ads appearing in the middle of your blogger posts.

I think this is the best place in the whole template for Adsense.You will soon notice that 80% of your clicks will genearated from this Area.Good Luck!

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