Link Exchange Campaign !

I am starting a Link Exchange Campaign for this blog. As i got Pagerank 3 in early days. So i have to decided about Backlinks which can help me to improve Gain of authority in different search engines. I think you know the importance of backlinks pointed to your blog. The more backlinks you have in your blog, the more authority you will gain in different search engines. There are many different types of links and I think even a link from a new website is important.
You are writing about a topic and some people are reading from you. Those people are bloggers or have inspired from you to blog. You can get their help with a link exchange campaign. Its simple, ‘I link you and You link me!

This way you can build lots of incoming links to your websites and the same way, you are helping lots of people.

Start a campaign and market the new campaign. Create an article about it, tell friends, email them, submit the idea in social bookmarking sites.

Start by exchanging links with me. Add my link on your blog and notify me via comments. I will then add your link on my blog. Thanks!


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