5 Nightmares for Google Adsense Users

You might have seen ads on the Internet saying that you can make money with Google Adsense right from your computer. You might have also noticed a guy showing a check from Google as a proof of his income. So the question that you would like to ask is these checks from Google are genuine.

The answer is Yes those checks are Genuine and real. They are paid from Google Adsense program. In fact Google pays billions of dollars to Adsense users every year. Hence Adsense is a lucrative business and you can make hell lot of money in quick time. However things are not that simple as it looks.

Google Adsense program can turn out to be a nightmare if you do not care about following things.

1. Getting Approval

First hurdle that you can face is getting approval for your Adsense account. Remember gone are the days when Google used to approve a website or a blog in just 2 to 3 days. Today everything has changed as competition is very tough and daily new bloggers are joining for Adsense program.

Google expects that your website or blog should be of certain quality before they approve for the program. So to get approval you should write good content and update your blog on daily basis. Getting approval never take it lightly.

2. Ad Choices & Placement

After getting approval you can show ads of different types on your website or blog. However to maximize your earnings you should know how to choose ads of right type. If your ads does not mingle or match with the content on your blog then visitors may not click on those ads.

People only click on those ads which are completely integrated with the content and they cannot really make out that these are actually ads. Hence choose ads correctly and place them according to the content of your blog.

3. Click Generation

This is very important point to know for all of those who are new to Adsense program. As we all know you make money when someone clicks on these ads. So never try to click ads yourself as Google will permanently terminate your account.

Do not even try to generate clicks by asking your friends who are living at different places. Google knows everything. They will identify from which IP address clicks are coming. If they notice that too many clicks are coming daily from one IP address (your computer) then they may terminate your account.

4. Fake Content

In Adsense content is king. So never create fake content. Do not copy content from here and there and paste it on your website. Google will completely black list your site and it will never rank in the search engine. Always right good and original content as Google loves fresh content.

Moreover fake content also damages your reputation as a blogger. People will never come to your website again if they find that your content is plagiarized from somewhere else.

5. Revenue 

Last point that could be your nightmare is earnings. Do not expect too much money because it totally depends upon certain factors like topic of your website, traffic and quality of the content. The cost per click (CPC) is not high for every niche.

Suppose your website is on dating, romance etc then CPC would be only 5 to 10 cents. CPC also depends upon the country you are targeting. CPC is higher for countries like USA, Canada, UK and it is lower for countries like India etc. Hence I would suggest do not expect too much in short interval of time.


I will conclude by saying that Google adsense can be a nightmare for bloggers. Getting approval would not be a cake walk so take it seriously. Place and choose your ads correctly to get maximum benefit. Do not ever try to click yourself on your ads. Google will terminate your account permanently.

Google do not like fake content so avoid any short cuts. Finally do not expect too much money in short period of time interval. Google Adsense is only successful for those bloggers who can understand these 5 points that I mentioned in my article. If you do not follow my advice then it will be really difficult to be successful.

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