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Tolkien’s classic Lord of the Rings trilogy inspired a blockbuster movie series and has millions of fans around the world. One of the reasons for its immense popularity is no doubt due to the great story line and the realistic relationships between the characters.


Each of the characters has something to teach us about life, love and journeys. Blogging is a journey all its own. As bloggers we face many obstacles on the way to success. Maybe these characters also have a way of guiding us in our journey:

Frodo Baggins

Frodo is the hero of our story. He is the only one that can be trusted with the ring. Though he is small he does not let that slow him down. As bloggers we should remember that just because other blogs are larger, have deeper pockets, or are more successful than ours at the moment that does not make our blog insignificant.

Even the smallest blog has a chance to become great. All it takes is hard work and perseverance, and sometimes the help of friends. After all, Frodo would not have made it all the way to Mount Doom to destroy the ring without the faithfulness of his best friend Sam.

Samwise Gamgee

Sam is one character we all wish we could be more like. Though not as adventurous as the other Hobbits he makes up for this in loyalty and love. His hard work and dedication may not seem as flashy as the input the other character have on their journey but he is the backbone that everything relies on in the end.

Like Sam you have to remember that results do not always come quickly. Sometimes it will take a while for your hard work to pay off. If you stay strong and keep on with the same positive attitude you are sure to triumph.

Sméagol/ Gollum

I have always seen Gollum as a warning against isolationism. He devolved from a warm and caring creature into one that was self-serving, unstable and insane. How did this change come about? He grew too focused on his own desires and lost sight of the world and people outside of himself.

Many bloggers fall into the same trap. They become so wrapped up in their blog that they can’t understand it when it warps into something that no one else appreciates. This is because they no longer listen to the desires of their readers. Instead they become self-serving and lose sight of what is really important.

Merry and Pippin

The comedic duo of Hobbits, this pair is inseparable and for good reason. They bring light, fun and bravery into the mix. Despite their small stature they make a big impact on everyone they meet. The duo reminds me to keep my humanity and sense of humor in my blogging.

After all, no one wants to read a blog that is dull and boring. Instead bringing in true stories, antidotes and opinions keeps your blog fresh and readable. There is something about being real, open and human that makes a blog more than just something to scan.


The rightful ruler of Gondor, this king in hiding has no desire to take the throne. However what he desires is of little importance. He is a man of great long-suffering, separated from his love, his people and his heritage. He doesn’t let that slow him down however. As the push that keeps everyone on track he has a focus that is enviable. That same focus can help your blog to stay on track. Many blogs fail when they try to do too much too quickly.

Instead you should focus on your main topic and make sure you have a strong base before attempting to take on anything more. They is a lot of value in remaining quiet and hidden until you are ready to strike.


Proud, arrogant and insecure Boromir is a man to be pitied. He does not have the strength of character that Aragon has and thus falls under the ring’s spell. His fall should be a warning to us all not to lust after power nor fear it. Instead you should always try your best and rely on the base you have built to hold you up.

Do not let sudden fame or fortune go to your head. They can pass away quickly. And do not be afraid when your traffic falls or misfortune happens. It can just as easily turn around again. Instead stay the course and do what you know to be right and you will be successful.


The wise wizard, Gandalf is the teacher figure in the story. The mentor of the group he often leads them when they have no idea where to go. Though he is not always right he always tries to lead with integrity and thinks of others first. As bloggers we should look for mentors with the same attitude to guide us along our path.

As we proceeded we should also strive to be mentors to others and help our fellow bloggers in any way we can. After all, we are all on this journey together and together we will succeed or fail.


The evil counterpart to Gandalf’s wise wizard, Saruman is tempted into destruction by power. He sees Sauron as a way to get the power he wants, even though he knows that it is evil.

This temptation of wealth, power and prestige is something that bloggers must daily battle against. Yes there are easier ways to make your blog traffic go up, make more money and so on but the easy way is often the path to destruction. Only through hard work and dedication can you create a blog you can be proud of and one that will stand the tests of time.


Armed with his axe this dwarf does not let his stature slow him down. Although he would prefer to live in the darkness underground he finds his way into the light to help bring peace to the land. As bloggers we are often tempted to retreat into the online world and forget that anythingelse exists.

However we should not live solely online. The outside world offers many opportunities to gain knowledge and abilities and even connections that can prove valuable to your blog. Although conventions, networking and actually speaking to people face to face may seem scary it is often well worth the effort.


The elfin archer is brave, there is no doubt, but more than that he is unfazed by difficulty. He does not let the actions of others disturb him. Throughout all the battles and the hardships he remains calm and collected. We can learn much from him. There will always be people who will want to bring you down.

They will sling insults and derisive remarks at you. If you take their comments to heart and reply in kind then only you will lose. Instead, hold your head up and continue to do your best. Your success will show them how wrong they are.

The Lord of the Rings is a classic story that stood the test of time because the characters were real people with real issues that we all have to deal with. Even as bloggers we are confronted with opportunities to become greedy, power hungry and mad. Instead we should choose to be honorable and take the long, hard way that will pay off in the end.

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